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Recent Books in the Arts

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Armstrong, Carol. Cézanne's Gravity. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2018. 296 pp.; 108 color ills.; 18 b/w ills.; 126 ills. Cloth (9780300232714)

Arthur, Kathleen Giles. Women, Art and Observant Franciscan Piety: Caterina Vigri and the Poor Clares in Early Modern Ferrara. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2018. 252 pp. Cloth € 99.00 (9789462984332)

Brunet, François. La Photographie, histoire et contre-histoire. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 2017. 400 pp.; 33 b/w ills. Paper € 27.00 (9782130654322)

Bunch III, Lonnie G. A Fool's Errand: Creating the National Museum of African American History and Culture in the Age of Bush, Obama, and Trump. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Books, 2019. 288 pp. Cloth $29.95 (9781588346681)

Charlotte, Guichard. La griffe du peintre: La valeur de l’art, 1730–1820. Seuil, 2018. 368 pp. Cloth € 31.00 (9782021402315)

Conides, Cynthia. Made to Order: Painted Ceramics of Ancient Teotihuacan. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2018. 256 pp.; 166 ills. $55.00 (9780806160573)

Diel, Lori Boornazian. The Codex Mexicanus: A Guide to Life in Late Sixteenth-Century New Spain. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2018. 228 pp.; 82 color ills.; 3 b/w ills. Cloth $55.00 (9781477316733)

Elias, Ann. Coral Empire: Underwater Oceans, Colonial Tropics, Visual Modernity. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2019. 296 pp.; 16 color ills. $26.95 (9781478003823)

Else, Felicia M. The Politics of Water in the Art and Festivals of Medici Florence . : From Neptune Fountain to Naumachia. Cambridge, UK: Routledge, 2018. 226 pp.; 32 color ills.; 76 b/w ills.; 108 ills. Cloth $150.00 (9781472410795)

English, Darby, and Charlotte Barat, eds. Among Others: Blackness at MoMA. New York: MoMA Publicaitons, 2019. 488 pp.; 300 color ills. Cloth $65.00 (9781633450349)

Fabric Workshop and Museum, ed. Ursula von Rydingsvard: The Contour of Feeling. Exh. cat. Munich: Hirmer Publishers, 2019. 128 pp.; 82 color ills. Cloth $39.95 (9783777429991)

García, María Amalia. Abstract Crossings: Cultural Exchange between Argentina and Brazil. Trans. Jane Brodie. Series: Studies on Latin American Art. Oakland: University of California Press, 2019. 302 pp. Cloth $50.00 (9780520302198)

Harney, Elizabeth, and Ruth B. Phillips, eds. Mapping Modernisms: Art, Indigeneity, Colonialism. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2019. 456 pp. Paper $29.95 (9780822368717 )

Heuer, Christopher P. Into the White: The Renaissance Arctic and the End of the Image. Brooklyn, NY: Zone Books, 2019. 256 pp.; 69 b/w ills. Cloth $32.95 (9781942130147)

Kemp-Welch, Klara. Networking the Bloc: Experimental Art in Eastern Europe 1965–1981. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2019. 480 pp.; 36 color ills.; 198 b/w ills.; 234 ills. Cloth $49.95 (9780262038300)

Kılınç, Kıvanç, and Mohammad Gharipour, eds. Social Housing in the Middle East: Architecture, Urban Development, and Transnational Modernity. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2019. 330 pp. Paper $38.00 (9780253039859)

Lee, Anthony W. The Global Flows of Early Scottish Photography: Encounters in Scotland, Canada, and China. McGill-Queen's/Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation Studies in Art History Series (number 26 in series). Kingston, Ontario: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2019. 344 pp.; 193 color ills. Cloth (9780773557130 )

Looper, Matthew. The Beast Between: Deer in Maya Art and Culture. The Linda Schele Endowment in Maya and Pre Columbian Studies. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2019. 288 pp.; 190 b/w ills. Cloth $60.00 (9781477318058)

Maskarinec, Malika. The Forces of Form in German Modernism. Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 2018. 240 pp. Paper $34.95 (9780810137691)

Otto, Elizabeth, and Patrick Rössler. Bauhaus Women: A Global Perspective. Herbert Press, 2019. 192 pp. Cloth $40.00 (9781912217960)

O’Neal, Halle. Word Embodied: The Jeweled Pagoda Mandalas in Japanese Buddhist Art. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2018. 310 pp.; 90 color ills. Cloth $75.00 (9780674983861)

Proctor-Tiffany, Mariah. Medieval Art in Motion: The Inventory and Gift Giving of Queen Clémence de Hongrie. University Park: Penn State University Press, 2019. 232 pp.; 28 color ills.; 30 b/w ills. Cloth $89.95 (9780271081120)

Russakoff, Anna. Imagining the Miraculous: Miraculous Images of the Virgin Mary in French Illuminated Manuscripts, ca. 1250–ca. 1450. Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 2019. 212 pp.; 94 b/w ills. Cloth $95.00 (9780888442154)

Rössler, Patrick. Bauhausmädels: A tribute to pioneering women artists. Cologne, Germany: Taschen, 2019. 480 pp. Cloth $40.00 (9783836563536)

Scott, Katie. Becoming Property: Art, Theory, and Law in Early Modern France. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2018. 384 pp.; 117 ills. Paper $75.00 (9780300222791)

Sheriff, Mary D. Enchanted Islands: Picturing the Allure of Conquest in Eighteenth-Century France. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2018. 416 pp. Cloth (9780226483108)

Sims, Lowery Stokes. Art and Race Matters: The Career of Robert Colescott. New York: Rizzoli Electa, 2019. 252 pp. Cloth $66.00 (9780847866953)

Sokolina, Anna P. Milka Bliznakov Scholar Report. Life to Architecture: Milka Bliznakov Academic Papers and Records of Women in Russian Architecture at the IAWA. CT: Alternative Spaces, 2019. 115 pp. PDF $0.00 (TXu 2-145-653)

Szépe, Helena Katalin. Venice Illuminated: Power and Painting in Renaissance Manuscripts. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2018. 400 pp.; 225 color ills.; 25 b/w ills.; 250 ills. Cloth $70.00 (9780300226744)

Tseng, Alice Y. Modern Kyoto: Building for Ceremony and Commemoration, 1868–1940. Honolulu: University Of Hawai'i Press, 2018. 296 pp.; 35 color ills.; 39 b/w ills.; 74 ills. Cloth (9780824873752)

Weinberg, Jonathan. Pier Groups: Art and Sex Along the New York Waterfront. University Park: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2019. 232 pp.; 34 color ills.; 66 b/w ills. Cloth $34.95 (9780271082172)

Committed to Memory: The Art of the Slave Ship Icon. 2018. 320 pp.; 77 color ills.; 77 b/w ills. Cloth $40.00 (9780691136844 )