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Greek/Roman Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2006

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Andrioti, Maria, "Pious Visitors: A Study of the Sculptures of Cypriot Type Found in the Eastern Mediterranean of the Archaic and Classical Periods" (Princeton, W. Childs)

Awan, Heather, "Roman Sarcophagi and the Necropoleis at Aphrodisias" (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

Balthis, Andrea C., "Monumental Built Altars in East Greece and Western Anatolia in the Hellenistic Period" (Emory, B. Wescoat)

Bare, Ceil, "Achilles and the Roman Aristocrat: The Ambrosian Iliad as a Social Statement in the Late Antique Period" (FSU, C. Hahn)

Black, Erin L., "Centre and Periphery: Artistic Interactions between the Column of Trajan in Rome, Italy and the Tropaeum Traiani at Adamklissi, Romania" (Emory, E. Varner)

Busby, Kimberly, "The Temple Terracottas of Etruscan Orvieto: The Power of Cult in Pre-Roman Italy" (UIUC, E. Hostetter)

Button, Seth, "Problems in the Comparison and Combination of Data from Archaeological Surface Surveys: Case Studies from Cyprus and Central Dalmatia" (Michigan, IPCAA, J. Cherry)

Cakmak, Lisa, "Romance, Resistance, and Attic Vase Painting: Rethinking Aspects of Rape in Ancient Greece" (Michigan, IPCAA, S. Herbert, M. Cool Root)

Casagrande-Kim, Roberta, "Imperial Presence in Milan, Ravenna and Aquileia from Maximinus to Romulus Augustulus (235–476 CE): Developments and Chances in the Creation of an Urban Imperial Iconography" (Columbia, R. Brilliant)

Cline, Lea Kimberly, "The Altars of Rome Reconsidered: Rome's Sacred Furniture, from Evander to Constantine" (UT Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)

Cole, Kevin, "Reading the Walls of Pompeii: The Forum Surroundings, Urban Development, and the Meaning of Space" (Virginia, J. Dobbins)

Coleman, Patrick, "Appropriation and Innovation in Archaic Lakonian Art" (Rutgers, J. P. Small)

Craver, Scott, "Patterns of Complexity: An Analysis of High-Density Building Complexes at Pompeii and Herculaneum and Their Social, Economic, and Architectural Significance" (Virginia, J. Dobbins)

Crawford, Catherine, "Embellished Spaces: Value and Display on Neopalatial Crete" (Michigan, IPCAA, J. Cherry, L. Nevett)

Destaebler, Peter, "The City Wall of Aphrodisias" (IFA/NYU, C. Ratté)

Doherty, John Keith, "Narrative and Spatial Structure of Roman Landscape Paintings" (Boston, F. Kleiner)

Drakaki, Eleni, "Mycenean Stone Seals: Contexts and History" (IFA/NYU, G. Kopcke)

Earle, Jason, "The Cycladic Islands in the Mycenaean Period" (IFA/NYU, G. Kopcke)

Elkins, Nathan, "Architectural Coin Types: Reflections of Roman Society" (Missouri, K. W. Slane)

Faro, Elissa, "Group Identity and Participant Action: Towards a Reinterpretation of Minoan Extra-Urban Ritual Space" (Michigan, IPCAA, J. Cherry)

Flatta, Amanda, "The Inception of Cybele in Greece: Cult and Image" (Wisconsin, Madison, N. Cahill)

Fowlkes, Blair, "The Cults of Syrian-Phoenician Gods in the City of Rome: Archaeology, Topography and Connections to the Roman East" (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

Goldberg, Patricia, "Ptolemaic Queens and Roman Empresses as Goddesses with Aspects of Tyche" (UCLA, S. Downey)

Griffith, Kyle, "The Influence of African Caravan Routes and the Animal Trade from the Ancient World on the Art of the Italian Renaissance" (Washington, J. Snow-Smith)

Grossmann, Richard, "Ancestors and Exempla: Posthumous Imperial Portraiture and Roman Cultural Memory" (Yale, D. Kleiner)

Grupico, Theresa, "Correlations between Urban Planning and Temple Design in West Greece" (Rutgers, J. Kenfield)

Herring, Lydia, "Roman 'Domestic' Ritual outside the Household: A Reinterpretation?" (Michigan, IPCAA, E. Gazda)

Heuser, Jennifer Ledig, "Visual Epic: Roman Images of the Trojan Cycle" (Harvard, G. F. Pinney)

Holt, Emily, "The Economy of Early Bronze Age Sardinia in an Aegean and European Context" (Michigan, IPCAA, J. O'Shea, S. Herbert)

Hopkins, John, "The Topographical Transformation of Archaic Rome: A New Interpretation of Architecture and Geography in the Early City" (UT Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)

Hrychuk, Anne, "The Roman Arch Studies: Metropolitan Origins, Urban Settings, and Provincial Reception, West and East (2nd Century BCE–2nd Century CE)" (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

Husser, Zehavi, "Worshipping in Community: Jupiter and Roman Religion in the Early Imperial Period" (Princeton, H. Meyer)

Ibarra, Alvaro, "Legions in Mourning: Re-Constructing Communities in the Roman Provinces" (UT Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)

Jones, Ashley, "'Lord, Protect the Wearer': Late-Antique Numismatic Jewelry and the Image of the Emperor as Talismanic Device" (Yale, D. Kleiner)

Kennedy-Quigley, Shanna, "Illuminating the Memphite Sarapieion" (UCLA, S. Downey)

Khatchadourian, Lori, "Beyond Dynasties: Toward an Archaeology of Practice on the Armenian Highland ca. 600–200 BC" (Michigan, IPCAA, N. Yoffe, S. Alcock)

Kilker, Laurie, "Dining like Divinities: Evidence for Ritual and Marital Dining by Women in Ancient Greece" (Ohio State, M. Fullerton)

Levine, Rachel, "Dreaming the Divine: Epiphany, Ritual and Architecture: Healing Sanctuaries of Antiquity" (Toronto, M. C. Miller)

Mangieri, Anthony F., "The Virgin Sacrificed: Images of Iphigeneia and Polyxena in Greek and Roman Art" (Emory, B. Wescoat)

Martínez, Victor, "Etrusco-Italic Herclè: A Study in the Formation of Image, Cult, and Regional Identity" (UIUC, E. Hostetter)

McFadden, Susanna, "Courtly Places and Sacred Spaces: The Social and Political Significance of Monumental Wall Paintings in Late Antiquity" (Pennsylvania, A. Kuttner)

Molholt, Rebecca M., "On Stepping Stones: The Historical Experience of Roman Mosaics" (Columbia, R. Brilliant, N. Kampen)

Nankov, Emil, "Studies in the Typography of Opountian Lokvis" (Cornell, A. Ramage)

Ng, Diana, "The Manipulation of Memory: Public Buildings and Decorative Programs in Roman Cities of Asia Minor" (Michigan, IPCAA, E. Gazda)

Ossi, Adrian, "Roman Honorific Arches in Greece and Asia Minor" (Michigan, IPCAA, E. Gazda)

Ozturk, Onur, "Gods, Emperors and the City: The Urban Transformation of Roman Asia" (UT Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)

Palinkas, Jennifer, "Sacred Gates: Propyla and Propylaia in Greek Sanctuaries" (Emory, B. Wescoat)

Paumen, Vanessa, "Constructing Rulership: The Architectural Expression of Emperor Ideology in Rome under Domitian and Trajan" (UT Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)

Pellegrini, Robert E., "Tombs and the Street: Onsite Architectural and Site-Planning Analyses of Roman Late Republican and Augustan Age Funerary Monuments and Street of Tombs Necropoli in Europe and Ancient Asia Minor" (UC Santa Barbara, F. Yegul)

Piok-Zanon, Cornelie, "The Sanctuary of Demeter at Pergamon: The Third-Century Attalids and the Creation of a Hellenistic Capital" (Pittsburgh, A. Weis)

Pixley, Kimberley-Anne, "Banausic Labour in Attic Vase Painting" (Toronto, M. C. Miller)

Poe, Alison, "The Mausoleum (" Hypogaeum") of the Aurelii in Rome: A Pagan or Mixed-Religion Collegium Tomb" (Rutgers, A. Harvey)

Polyzois, Aristomenes, "The Movement of Aegean Wine, Olive Oil and Unguents in the Late Bronze Age" (Toronto, J. W. Shaw)

Reif, Jo-Ann, "Visual Idea vs. Musical Idea: Rhythm in Attic Vase Painting and Music Theory in Sixth- and Fifth-Century Athens" (Penn State, E. Walters)

Roland, Sarah, "Corinth and the Birth of Figural Representation in Greek Monumental Architecture" (Columbia, C. Marconi, N. Kampen)

Rousseau, Vanessa, "Ethnicity and Eschatology in 4th Century BCE Burial Assemblages in Greek Macedonia and Thrace" (Wisconsin, Madison, N. Cahill)

Rubin, Ben, "Augustus, the True King of Kings: The Roman Imperial Cult in Asia Minor (25 BC–68 AD)" (Michigan, IPCAA, M. Cool Root)

Sandhoff, Bridget K., "Androgyny in Etruscan Art and Culture" (Iowa, R. De Puma, W. Tomasini)

Saperstein, Philip, "The Emergence of Ceramic Roofing Technology in Archaic Greek Architecture" (Cornell, A. Ramage)

Segal, Phoebe C., "Soaring Votives: Anathemata in Archaic and Classical Greek Sanctuaries" (Columbia, C. Marconi, R. Brilliant)

Smith, Christine, "Controlling Miasma: The Evidence for the Cults of Craftspeople from the Archaic through the Hellenistic Period" (Washington, S. Rotroff)

Sowder, Amy, "Greek Bronze Hydriai" (Emory, B. Wescoat)

Soyoz, Ufuk, "Ritual Space in Temples of Asklepios: A Case Study of the Asklepieion at Pergamon" (UT Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)

Stinson, Philip, "The Civil Basilica at Aphrodisias and the Architectural Development of the Asiatic Basilica" (IFA/NYU, C. Ratté, K. Welch)

Thompson, Erin, "Comic Myth on Greek Ritual Vases" (Columbia, D. Freedberg)

Ubbels, Krista, "Wild Women on Wares: An Examination of the Changes in the Image of the Attic Maenad" (Penn State, E. Walters)

Von Dippe, Roger, "The Origins and Development of Continuous Narrative in Roman Art, 300 BCE–200 AD" (USC, J. Pollini)

Walcek Averett, Erin, "Terracotta Sculpture in Early Iron Age Greece" (Missouri, S. Langdon)

Wardle, Marianne, "Naked and Unashamed: A Study of the Aphrodite Anadyomene in the Greco-Roman World" (Duke, S. Dillon)

Williams, Christopher, "Roman Egypt: Change amid Continuity in the Art and Architecture of an Eastern Imperial Province" (Missouri, K. W. Slane)