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Chinese Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2006

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Beckman, Joy, "Layers of Being: Bodies, Objects, and Spaces in Warring States Burials" (Chicago, Wu H.)

Feng, Jiren, "Imperial Northern Song Architecture: Treatises, Buildings, Literature and Art" (Brown, M. Bickford)

Kindall, Elizabeth, "The Pilgrimage Paintings of Huang Xiangjian (1609–73) in the Ming-Qing Transition" (Kansas, S. Fowler)

Koon, Yeewan, "Literati Iconoclasm: Violence and Estrangement in the Art of Su Renshan (1814–ca. 1850)" (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Lau Chak, Kwong, "Ding Jing (1695–65): Art, Hangzhou, and the Foundation of the Xiling Identity" (UC Santa Barbara, P. Sturman)

Liang, Samuel Y., "Ephemeral Households, Splintered City: Mapping Leisure in the Sojourners' Shanghai, 1870–00" (SUNY Binghamton, T. McDonough)

Lin, Wei-Cheng, "Building a Sacred Mountain: Buddhist Monastic Architecture in Mt. Wutai during the Tang Dynast, 618–907 C.E." (Chicago, Wu H.)

Shin, Seojeong, "Illustrations of Taiping Prefecture (1648): A Printed Album of Landscapes by the Seventeenth-Century Literati Artist, Xiao Yuncong (1596–1673)" (Maryland, J. Kuo)