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Art of the Middle East/North Africa
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2006

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Akbarnia, Ladan, “'Khita'i': Cultural Memory and the Creation of a Mongol Visual Idiom in Iran and Central Asia (1256–1353)" (Harvard, D. Roxburgh, G. Necipoglu)

Akin, Esra, "Mustafa Ali's 'Deeds of the Artists': A Translation of a Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Calligraphers and Painters" (Ohio State, H. Crane)

Cho, Min Yong, "How Land Came into the Picture: Rendering History in Fourteenth-Century Iran" (Michigan, S. Babaie)

Dalal, Radha, "The Orient Express: Visual Culture, European Imperialism, and the Ottoman Empire" (Minnesota, C. Asher)

El Sandouby, Alia’A, "Remembering the Ahl al-Bayt: The Shrines of the Family of the Prophet in Cairo and Damascus" (UCLA, I. Bierman). Scheduled for completion in Spring 2007

Holmes, Denwood, "The Walls of the Well-Protected Domains: The Development of Ottoman Fortification 1400–1600" (Princeton, T. Leisten)

Kahlaoui, Tarek, "The Depiction of the Mediterranean in Late Islamic Cartography: From the Thirteenth to the Sixteenth Centuries" (Pennsylvania, R. Holod)

Khosrowjah, Hossein, "Unthinking the National Imaginary: The Singular Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami" (Rochester, S. Willis)

Latif, Riyaz, "Marinid Madrasas in Fez and the Creation of Moroccan Identity" (Minnesota, C. Asher)

Leoni, Francesca, "The Revenge of Ahriman: Images of dîvs in the Shâhnâmeh from the Fifteenth to the Seventeenth Century" (Princeton, T. Leisten)

Michailidis, Melanie, "Landmarks of the Persian Renaissance: Monumental Funerary Architecture in Iran and Central Asia, Tenth–Eleventh Centuries" (MIT, N. Rabbat)

Mulder, Stephennie, "The Architecture of Coexistence: Shi'ite Shrines and Sunni Patronage in the Medieval Levant" (Pennsylvania, R. Holod)

Rogers, Sarah, "Postwar Art and the Historical Roots of Beirut's Cosmopolitanism" (MIT, N. Rabbat)

Salgirli, Saygin, "From Thirteenth-Century Toulouse to Fifteenth-Century Serres: A Comparative Study of Dissent, Authority, Architecture, and Space" (SUNY Binghamton, B. Abou-El-Haj)

Sardar, Marika, "Golconda through Time: A Mirror of the Evolving Deccan" (IFA/NYU, P. Soucek)

Scheiwiller, Staci Gem, "Entangled Legacies: Qajar Images in Contemporary Iranian Photography" (UC Santa Barbara, N. N. Khoury)

Smith, Sharon C., "Planned Grandeur: A Comparative Study of Urban Expansion in Early Modern Italy and Mamluk Egypt" (SUNY Binghamton, B. Abou-El-Haj)

Teece, Denise, "Vessels of Verse, Ships of Song: Persian 'Safina' Manuscripts and Their Significance" (IFA/NYU, P. Soucek)