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Architectural History/Historic Preservation
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2006

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Anderson, Sean, "In-Visible Colonies: Modern Architecture and Its Representation in Colonial Eritrea, 1890–1941" (UCLA, S. Nelson; UC Berkeley, M. Fuller)

Avitts, Ellen, "Live the Dream: The Rhetoric of the Furnished Model Home in Late 20th- and Early 21st-Century America" (Delaware, B. Herman)

Coffman, Peter, "Gothic Revival Architecture in Atlantic Canada" (Queen's, Kingston, P. du Prey)

Dow, Douglas, "Confraternal Piety and Corporate Patronage: A Reconstruction of the Art and Oratory of the Compagnia di San Giovanni Battista dello Scalzo, Florence" (Penn State, B. Curran)

Grossman, Max Elijah, "Pro Honore Comunis Senensis et Pulchritudine Civitatis: Civic Architecture and Political Ideology in the Republic of Siena, 1270–1420" (Columbia, S. Murray, M. Trachtenberg)

Hamilton, Jeffrey, "Adapting the City to Meet Rural Desires: The English Urban Landscape as Surrogate Country House" (Delaware, D. Stillman)

Hazard, Erin, "Realized Day-Dreams': Excursions to Authors' Homes" (Chicago, K. Taylor)

Lamprakos, Michele, "Conservation and Building Practice in a World Heritage City: The Case of Sana'a, Yemen" (MIT, N. Rabbat)

Maxim, Juliana, "The New, the Old, the Modern. Architecture and Its Representation in Socialist Romania, 1955–70" (MIT, S. Anderson)

Remmel, Rachel, "The Origins of the American School Building: Boston Public School Architecture, 1800–60" (Chicago, K. Taylor)

Rogers, Karen L., "Checkerboard Grids: Principles and Practices of Spatial Order in the Americas and the Making of Place in New Mexico" (SUNY Binghamton, C. Burroughs)

Sandler, Daniela, "Incarnate Politics: National Identity, History, and Architectural Heritage in Postwar Berlin" (Rochester, A. Nader)

Surdu, Robert C. A., "Wholesome Architecture and the Rise of the Tourist State in Early-Twentieth Century Canada" (Queen's, Kingston, L. Jessup)

Tarandieva, Teodora, "The Church of St. John Aleitourgetos in Mesembria: A Study of Its Constantinopolitan Origins" (Indiana, Bloomington, W. E. Kleinbauer)

Urban, Florian, "The Invention of the Historic City: Building the Past in East Berlin 1970–1990" (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Van Den Hurk, Jeroen, "Early Dutch Neo-Gothic Architecture, 1772–1840" (Delaware, B. Herman)

Wortham, B. D., "Mythologies of an Everyday American Landscape: Henry Ford at the Wayside Inn" (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Yu, Shuishan, "To Achieve the Unachievable: Beijing's Chang'an Avenue and Chinese Modernization during the PRC Era" (U. of Washington, M. Clausen)

Zitrides, Christine, "Housing and Urban Transformation of Carthage, 400–700 CE" (UIUC, E. Hostetter)