Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

South/Southeast Asian Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2005

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Adamjee, Qamar, “The Sultanate Chandayana: An Exemplar of Cultural and Artistic Interaction in Fourteenth- to Sixteenth-Century India” (IFA/NYU, P. Soucek)

Ahmad, Izmer, “Mark-Making and Malay Subjectivity: A Study on Modern Malaysian Painting” (University of Victoria, A. Wright)

Ali, Atteqa, “Handle with Care: The Making of an Art History and a Nation in Pakistan” (UT Austin, J. Leosko, A. Reynolds)

Becker, Catherine, “Artistic Production and Ritual Performance at Amaravati and Other Buddhist Stupas of Andhra Pradesh” (UC Berkeley, J. Williams)

Efurd, David, “Early Buddhist Caves in Western India: An Examination of Monasticism and the Remains at Rock-Cut Sites” (Ohio State, S. Huntington)

Gamache, Geneviere, “Adjarn Chalermchai at Wat Rong Khun: Post-Modern Expression of a Rural Buddhist Temple in Thailand” (University of Victoria, A. Wright)

Hingorani, Alka, “Making Faces: Of Gods and God-Makers in the Kullu Valley” (UC Berkeley, J. Williams)

Kim, Bo-Kyung, “Borobudur and Loro Jonggrong: The Co-existence of Buddhism and Hinduism in Central Java, Indonesia” (UCLA, R. Brown)

Kim, Hawon, “The 19th-Century Jain Pilgrimage Site of Satrunjaya, Gujarat” (Minnesota, F. Asher)

Kim, Jinah, “Unorthodox Practice: Rethinking the Cult of Illustrated Buddhist Books” (UC Berkeley, J. Williams)

Lee, Eun-Su, “On Defining Buddhist Art in Bengal: The Dhaka Region” (UT Austin, J. Leoshko)

Masteller, Kimberly, “Kalachuri Mandala: A Study of the Temple Construction, Iconography, and Royal Identity in Central India” (Ohio State, S. Huntington)

Millar, Eve, “Weaving Networks Internationally—Institutionalizing Them Locally: Art and the Tagores in the Early 21st Century” (University of Victoria, A. Wright)

Ninomiya, Masumi, “Nationalizing Art, Constructing Asia: Okakura Kakuzo and Nationalism in Asian Art History” (UNC Chapel Hill, C. Mavor)

Owen, Lisa Nadine, “Beyond Buddhist and Brahmanical Activity: The Place of the Jaina Rock-Cut Excavations at Ellora” (UT Austin, J. Leoshko)

Phillips, Kristy, “Exhibiting the Nation: Politics and Identity in the National Museum of India” (Minnesota, C. Asher)

Rath, Amanda, “Mutable Signs: De/Con/Struction in Indonesian Experimental Art” (Cornell, K. McGowan)

Waraich, Saleema, “The Ramifications of Ramparts: Mughal Forts and Nationalist Discourse in Pakistan and India” (UCLA, R. Brown)