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Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2017

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Dumouchelle, Kevin, "Traditions of Modernity in an African City: Continuity and Change in the Architecture of Kumasi" (Columbia University, S. Vogel)

Ezeluomba, Ndubuisi, “Olokun Shrines: Their Functions In The Culture Of The Benin Speaking People Of Southern Nigeria” (University of Florida, R. Poynor)

Hurd, Jessica, “A material world: confluences between ‘contemporary’ urban Dogon art and rural Dogon creative practices in Mali” (Indiana University, P. McNaughton)

Miller, Ashley V., “Making Moroccan ‘Heritage’: Art, Identity, and Historical Memory in the Early French Protectorate of Morocco (ca. 1912-1930)” (University of Michigan, R. Silverman)

Underwood, Joseph, “Exhibition Platforms and Transnational Networks: Artistic Agency in Senegal” (Stony Brook University, B. Frank)

Wilson, Leslie, “Past Black and White: The Color of Photography in South Africa, 1994-2004” (University of Chicago, J. Snyder)