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Twenty-first Century
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2017

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Angel, Sara, “A Moral Persuasion: The Nazi-Looted Art Recoveries of the Max Stern Art Restitution Project 2002-2013” (University of Toronto, E. Legge)

Devine, Katherine de Vos, “Appropriation Art, Intellectual Property, and Fair Use Since the 1990’s” (Duke University, K. Stiles and H. van Miegroet)

Eschenburg, Madeline, “Migrating Subjects: the problem of “the peasant” in contemporary Chinese art” (University of Pittsburgh, M. Gao)

Jang, Sunhee, “Contemporary Art and the Search for History - The Emergence of the Artist–Historian” (UIUC, T. Weissman)

Matuszak, Joanna, “From Red Square to Pushkin Monument: Russian performance art in public spaces in the 1990’s” (Indiana University, J. Kennedy)

McCollum, Christina, “Exhibitions of Outsider Art Since 1947” (Graduate Center, CUNY, R. Golan)

McGuire, Mary, “Theological Avant-Garde: The Arts Program at the Judson Memorial Church, 1958-1973” (University of California, Santa Barbara, L. Monahan)

Roesch, Nathanael, “The Athletic Turn in Contemporary Art” (Bryn Mawr College, L. Saltzman)

Yoo, Ahyoung, “To Be Two Places At Once: Technology, Globalization, and Contemporary Korean Art” (The Ohio State University, K. Paulsen)