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Southern Europe and Mediterranean
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2017

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Cadagin, Sarah, “The Alterpieces of Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494): Between Heaven and Earth, Faith, and Art” (University of Maryland, M. Gill)

Cochran, Daniel, “Building the Body of Christ: Ecclesiastical Art, Architecture, and Identity Formation in Late Antique Italy, 350-450 CE” (University of Wisconsin-Madison, T. Dale)

Dubinsky, Caroline, “Le Arti del Fuoco: The Art History of Mining and Metallurgy in Sixteenth-Century Italy” (University of Maryland, M. Gill)

Ehrlich, Victoria Heidy, “I Modelli di Virtu: Mythological Heroes in the Art of Fifteenth-Century Florence” (Cornell University, C.Lazzaro)

Goldstein, Jason A., “Translating Art into Words: The Work of Claude Monet in the Writings of Gustave Geffroy and Octave Mirbeau” (University of Texas at Austin, R. Shiff)

Millard, Robert, “Live, Struggle, and Die: A Study of Antique Forms in Late-Quattrocento Sculpted Reliefs” (Penn State, B. Curran)

Racco, Tiffany, “Luca Giordano: Speed, Imitation, and the Art of Fame” (University of Delaware, D. Stone)

Streahle, Kristen, “Crafting Nobility in Sicily: The Painted Ceiling of the Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri” (Cornell University, C. Robinson)

Williams, Joseph, “Mediterranean Trade and Architectural Production: The Church of S. Corrado in Molfetta” (Duke University, C. Bruzelius)