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Sixteenth Century
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2017

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Bissett, Tara, “The Idea of Architecture in Sixteenth-Century France” (University of Toronto, E.M. Kavaler)

Blom, Laura, “Mobilizing the Macabre: Rosso, Rovezzano, and Rustici & the Language of Transgression 1500-1530” (Johns Hopkins University, S. Campbell)

D’Arista, Carla, “Building Blocks of Power: The Architectural Commissions and Decorative Projects of the Pucci Family in the Renaissance” (Columbia University, F. Benelli)

Di Croce, Alessandra, “Sacred Fragments: The Reception of Christian Antiquity in Post-Tridentine Rome” (Columbia University, H. Klein, D. Freedberg)

Dubinsky, Caroline, “Le Arti del Fuoco: The Art History of Mining and Metallurgy in Sixteenth-Century Italy” (University of Maryland, M. Gill)

Giffin, Erin, “Body and Apparition: Material Presence in Sixteenth-Century Italian Religious Sculpture” (University of Washington, S. Lingo)

Horbatsch, Olenka, “Impressions of Innovation: Early Netherlandish Printmaking, 1520-1540” (University of Toronto, E. M. Kavaler)

Howard, Rebecca, “ Movements of the Mind: Beyond the Mimetic Likeness in Early Modern Italy” (The Ohio State University, C. Kleinbub)

Iacobellis, Lisa, “Grant peine et grant diligence: Visualizing the Author in Late Medieval Manuscripts” (The Ohio State University, K. Whittington)

Letvin, Alexandra, “Miraculous Visions, Demonic Temptations: Francisco de Zurbarán at Guadalupe” (Johns Hopkins University, F. Pereda)

Narkin, Elizabeth, “Rearing the Royals: Architecture and the Spatialization of Royal Childhood France, 1499-1610” (Duke University, S. Galletti)

Sepponen, Wendy, “Milanese Bronze, Spanish Stone, and Imperial Materials: Sculptural Interchange and the Leoni Workshops (1549-1608” (University of Michigan, M. Holmes, A. Potts)

Sloutsky, Lana, “Quasi Alterum Byzantium: The Preservation of Identity Through Memory and Culture by Aristocratic Byzantine Women, 1440-1600” (Boston University, J. Cranston)

Whittaker, Loren, “An American Jesuit Treasury of Religious Art: The Van Ackeren Collection in the Greenlease Gallery at Rockhurst University” (University of Kansas, S. Cornelison)