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Pre-Columbian Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2004

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Ahlfeldt, Jennifer, “On Reconstructing and Performing Ancient Maya Architecture: Structure 22, Copan, Honduras (AD 715)” (Columbia, E. Pasztory)

Cassidy, Anne, “Divination By Image: The Borgia Group of Pre-Hispanic Mexican Manuscripts” (Columbia, E. Pasztory)

Mandell, Elisa, “The Birth of Angels: Posthumous Portraits of Infants and Children in Mexican Art” (UCLA, C. Klein)

Magaloni-Kerpel, Diana, “Images of the Beginning: The Painted Story of the Conquest of Mexico in Book Xll of the Florentine Codex” (Yale, M. Miller)

Minich, Frances Johanna, “Hopewell Stone Carvers: Reinterpreting the Roles of Artist and Patron” (Virginia Commonwealth, J. Farmer)

Robertson, Janice Lynn, “A Semiotic Analysis of Aztec Picture-Writing Based On the Place-Name Signs in the Codex Mendoza” (Columbia, R. Brilliant)