Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Eleventh to Fourteenth Century
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2016

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Boomer, Megan, “Landscapes of Salvation: Architecture and Memory in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem” (Pennsylvania, R. Ousterhout)

Bovenmyer, Peter, “Alternative Anatomies: Visual Science and the Body, 1200–1600” (Wisconsin, Madison, T. Dale)

Brennan, Christine, “The Brummer Gallery and Its Impact on the Market for Medieval Art and Collectors in Twentieth-Century Paris and New York” (Bard Graduate Center, D. Krohn)

Carter, Deirdre, “Art, History, and the Creation of Monastic Identity at Late Medieval St. Albans Abbey” (Florida State, L. Jones; R. Emmerson)

Chapman, Stephanie, “‘Blessyngs with Blacke Beads’: An Investigation of Jet Objects in Medieval Britain” (Missouri, A. R. Stanton)

Cook, Lindsay, “Paris Match?: Architectural Citation in the Parish Churches of the Notre-Dame of Paris Cathedral Chapter” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Cornett, Maren, “Or dient les images (Now the Images Speak): Visual Narrative in BN fr. 95”
(Yale, R. Nelson; R. H. Bloch)

Coyle, Alexander, “Frame and Format between Byzantium and Central Italy, 1200–1300” (Yale, R. Nelson)

Dechant, D. Lyle. “‘daz wir ein ander vinden fro’: Readers and Performers of the Codex Manesse” (Yale, J. Jung)

Ercan, Ayşe, “A City within the City: The Sacred Topography and Archaeology of the Mangana Quarter in Constantinople (330–1453 C.E.)” (Columbia, H. Klein)

Ezra, Ruth, “Veit Stoss in Relief: Eliding Space and Plane in the German Lands, 1470–1530” (Harvard, J. Koerner)

Frier, Sara, “Unbearable Witness: Body Deformity in Artistic Theory and Practice in the Northern Renaissance” (Yale, N. Suthor)

Golan, Tamara, “Hans Fries and the Forensic Gaze: Evidence, Inquiry, and Artistic Knowledge in South Germany and Switzerland, 1430–1530” (Johns Hopkins, M. Merback)

Gorjeltchan, Sasha, “Negotiating Sacred Space and Monastic Identity at Saint-Aubin in Angers, 1080–1150” (Toronto, A. Cohen)

Griggs, Nicole, “Reconsidering the Tribune in Early Gothic Architecture of Twelfth-Century Northern France” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Hoge, Heather, “From Conqueror to King: Roger II’s Early Building Program of Cefalù Cathedral in a Multicultural Context” (Penn State, E. Smith)

Howells, SaraLouise, “Funerary Arts Depicting Men-at-Arms and Knights during the 13th through the mid-16th Centuries in France” (Penn State, E. Smith)

Hundley, Catherine E., “The Round Church Movement in Twelfth-Century England: Crusaders, Pilgrims, and the Holy Sepulchre” (Virginia, L. Reilly)

Jackson, Denva, “In the Footsteps of Our Fathers: Identity Construction and the Rise of the Eremitical Ideal in Morgan Library’s Vitae patrum, M. 626” (Harvard, J. Hamburger)

King, Katherine, “Deliberate Defacement: Provocation and Response in Byzantine Illuminated Manuscripts” (Princeton, C. Barber)

Koguciuk, Jakub, “Pastoral as Genre and Method: Nature and the Environment in Northern Italian Painting, ca. 1490–1530” (Yale, R. Nelson)

Lansdowne, John, “The Dead Christ on Display at Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome” (Princeton, C. Barber; John Hopkins, N. Zchomelidse)

Lastra, Elizabeth, “Biography of a City: Art, Urbanization, and Shifting Structures of Power in Carrión de los Condes, 1050–1200” (Pennsylvania, L. Silver)

Luterbacher, Sam, “Adrift: Portable Objects between Iberia and Japan” (Yale, M. Yiengpruksawan)

Marzullo, Francesca, “The Figure and the Threshold: Devotional Overdoors in Medieval and Renaissance Italy” (Columbia, M. Cole)

Mednyánszky, Orsolya, “Leben Jesu: A Pictorial Meditation on Christ’s Virtues in Late Medieval German Manuscripts” (Johns Hopkins, M. Merback)

Miyamoto, Gabriella, “The Arca Santa of Oviedo: Recreating the Sancta Sanctorum through the Typological Assimiliation of the Ark of the Covenant to a Christian Reliquary Altar” (Rutgers, E. Thunø)

Moss, Elizabeth, “Framing the Holy: Revetments on Late Byzantine Icons” (Toronto, J. Caskey)

Muehlbauer, Mikael, “‘Bastions of the Cross’: Medieval Rock-cut Cruciform Churches of Tigray, Ethiopia” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Nieman, Richard, “Monuments to God and Man: The Transeptal Local Churches of Anglo-Norman Sussex, the Âge of Aristocracy, and Annaliste Archaeology” (Virginia, L. Reilly)

Oing, Michelle, “The Reliquary and the Puppet: Visual and Kinetic Mimesis in Medieval and Early Modern Sculpture” (Yale, J. Jung)

Ong, Sophie, “Hanging on the Body: Pendants, Materiality, and Touch in the Late Middle Ages” (Rutgers, L. Weigert)

Partridge, Joy, “Visualizing Knowledge in the Illuminated Manuscripts of the Breviari d’amor” (CUNY, C. Hahn)

Pesenti, Roberto, “Artistic Interaction between France and Venice in the Gothic Era” (Columbia, H. Klein)

Platts, Christopher, “The Later Works of Paolo Veneziano (active 1310–1358): Studies in the Patronage, Design, and Reception of Venetian Gothic Painting in Italy and the Adriatic” (Yale, R. Nelson)

Pollick, Brian A, “Hell to Pay: Money, Merchants, and the Visualization of Morality in Trecento, Italy” (University of Victoria, C. Harding)

Pulichene, Nicole, “‘One Whose Name was Writ in Wax’: Reflections on the Medieval Reuse of Consular Diptychs” (Harvard, J. Hamburger)

Rodriguez, James A, “Images for Personal Devotion in an Age of Liturgical Synthesis: Bilateral Icons in Byzantium, ca. 1100–c. 1453” (Yale, R. Nelson)

Schwarz, Martin, “The Scholastic World of Medieval Paris, c. 1140–1340” (Chicago, A. Kumler)

Shartrand, Emily, “Sexual Warfare in the Margins of Two Thirteenth-Century Franco Flemish Arthurian Romance Manuscripts” (Delaware, L. Nees)

Smith, Rebecca A., “Measuring the Past: The Geometry of Reims Cathedral” (Iowa, R. Bork)

Steinborn, Carly Jane, “Transforming Sacred Space: Image and Materiality in the Orthodox Baptistery of Ravenna” (Rutgers, E. Thunø)

Steiner, Shannon, “Byzantine Enamel and the Aesthetics of Technological Power, Ninth to Fifteenth Century” (Bryn Mawr, A. Walker)

Streiter, Nava, “Bodies and Books: Posture and Gesture in Middle Byzantine Manuscripts” (Bryn Mawr, A. Walker)

Sturm, Jaqueline, “The Bishop, his House, and his Church: Early Medieval Episcopal Complexes in the Mediterranean (AD 300–600)” (Princeton, C. Barber; John Hopkins, N. Zchomelidse)

Sullo, Nicole Paxton, “The Art of Memory in Byzantium during the Later Middle Ages” (Yale, R. Nelson)

Thebaut, Nancy, “Non est hic: Figuring Christ’s Absence in Early Medieval Art” (Chicago, A. Kumler)

Tillery, Laura, “The Hanse as Artistic Network: Late Medieval Altarpieces in Fifteenth-Century Lübeck” (Pennsylvania, L. Silver)

Verrot, Trevor, “Sculpted Lamentation Groups in the Late Medieval Veneto” (Yale, J. Jung)

Walton, Ann, “Lincoln Castle: The Afterlife of an English Urban Castle” (Penn State, E. Smith)

Wang, Alexis, “Walled in: Embedded Devotional Objects in Late Medieval Wall Painting” (Columbia, H. Klein)

Westerby, Matthew, “Religious Experience and Monastic Identity in Romanesque Sculpture at Santa Maria de Ripoll (Catalonia), 1030–1180” (Wisconsin, Madison, T. Dale)

Williams, Joseph, “Mediterranean Trade and Architectural Industry: The Development of Construction Practice at the Church of S. Corrado in Molfetta ca. 1150–1300 CE” (Duke, C. Bruzelius)

Woodward, Elizabeth, “Le Roman de la Poire: Constructing Courtliness and ‘Courtly’ Art in Medieval France” (Chicago, A. Kumler)