Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Twentieth Century
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2016

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Andrus, Timothy, “Stuart Davis’s Art Theory, 1920–1928” (Virginia Commonwealth, R. Hobbs)

Aronowicz, Miriam, “The Triangle Arts Trust: Contemporary Art and Transnational Production” (Toronto, E. Harney)

Avram, Horea, “The Visual Regime of Augmented Reality Art: Space, Body, Technology, and the Real-Virtual Convergence” (McGill, C. Ross)

Bair, Nadya, “The Decisive Network: Magnum Photos and the Art of Collaboration in Postwar Photojournalism” (USC, V. Schwartz; R. Meyer)

Bentel, Carol Rusche, “Addressing the People: Architecture as a Medium of the Fascist Narrative of National Identity, Case del Fascio, 1922–1943” (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Bentley, Christine, “Hans Thoma and the German Nation: Painting and National Identity in Modern Germany” (Indiana, M. Facos)

Berrill, Margot K., “The Host and the Roast: Kitchen Humor in Feminist Video Art and Pop Culture” (UIC, H. Higgins)

Bianco, Christine, “Modern Art for Middle America: American Abstraction in Mass Magazines, 1946–1960” (Oxford Brookes, E. Darling)

Bick, Tenley, “Figure as Model: The Early Work of Michelangelo Pistoletto, 1956–1966” (UCLA, G. Baker)

Blakinger, John R., “Artist under Technocracy: Gyorgy Kepes and the Cold War Avant-Garde” (Stanford, P. Lee)

Huber, Jason, “Pathopolitics: Feminist Performance Art, Biopolitics, and Affect in 1970s America” (UC Irvine, C. Whiting)

Bravo, Monica, “Picturing Greater America: US Modernist Photographers and the Mexican Cultural Renaissance, 1920–45” (Brown, D. Nickel)

Caplan, Lindsay, “‘Open Works’: Between the Programmed and the Free, Art in Italy from 1962 to 1972” (CUNY, R. Golan)

Chamberlain, Colby, “George Maciunas and the Art of Paperwork” (Columbia, B. Joseph)

Cohen, Jennifer, “Surrealism and the Art of Consumption” (Chicago, C. Mehring)

Cook, Heidi, “Picturing Peasants: Maksimilijan Vanka’s Folkloric Paintings and the ‘Croatian Question’ from Habsburg Empire to Croatian Nation-State” (Pittsburgh, B. McCloskey)

Dingledine Woods-Puckett, Grace, “The Lure of Albion: American Artists in England during the Transatlantic Gilded Age” (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Duffy, Owen, “Art and Dematerialization, 1966–79” (Virginia Commonwealth, R. Hobbs)

Field, Jennifer, “New York School Painters and the Development of Avant-Garde Printmaking in the United States” (IFA/NYU, J. Weiss)

Frobes-Cross, Nicholas Huffa, “Various Representational Tasks: Art and Activism in the Early Work of Martha Rosler, Allan Sekula and Fred Lonidier, 1967–1976” (Columbia, B. Joseph)

Gencer, Yasemin, “Reform, Secularism, and Nationalism in the Cartoons of the Early Republican Period in Turkey (1923–1928)” (Indiana, B. Rothstein)

Hamelin, Candice, “Behind Immaterial and Material Divides: East German Photography, 1949–1989” (University of Michigan, M. Biro; G. Eley)

Hannah, Caroline, “Henry Varnum Poor: Crow House, Craft, and Design” (The Bard Graduate Center, P. Kirkham)

Hartigan, Nicholas, “The Purpose of Public Sculpture: Artistic, Institutional, and Cultural Motivations from 1965–1995” (Michigan, A. Potts)

Herdrich, Stephanie, “John Singer Sargent: A ‘Modern Old Master’ and the Italian Renaissance” (IFA/NYU, R. Slifkin)

Hiro, Rika, “Walking Out of Ground Zero: Art and the Aftereffects of the Atomic Bombs in Postwar Japan” (USC, M. Mizuta Lippit; S. Lee)

Iqbal, Samina, “Modern Art of Pakistan: Lahore Art Circle, 1947–1957” (Virginia Commonwealth, D. Bangdel)

Jordan, Cara, “Joseph Beuys and Social Sculpture in the United States” (CUNY, H. Senie)

Kirschner-Perlstein, Melanie, “Arthur G. Dove: Illustrations and Abstractions: 1903–1933” (Virginia, E. Turner)

Konaty, Kim, “Mapping a Cultural Breakthrough: A Study of Avalanche Magazine (1970–76), the New Forms of Art Making and Emerging International Networks” (IFA/NYU, R. Slifkin)

Kwon, Marci, “Vernacular Modernism: Joseph Cornell and the Art of Populism” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Leclère, Mary, “As Criticism: From ‘Cultural Criticism’ to ‘Art Criticism’” (Virginia, P. Barolsky)

Leiderman, Danill, “Moscow Conceptualism and ‘Shimmering’: Authority, Anarchism, and Space” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Lentz (Reed), Alycia F., “Ready to Blow Your Mind: Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable” (Iowa, C. Adcock)

Loiacono, Mark, “Out from the Shadows: Andy Warhol’s Abstractions” (IFA, NYU, T. Crow)

Lowery, Rebecca, “Contingent Bodies: Art In and Around Los Angeles, 1969–75” (IFA, NYU, T. Crow)

Mastroianni, Megan, “An Aesthetic of Comprehension: The Distribution of Conceptual Art and Land Art in Germany, 1968–1975” (USC, M. Luke)

Matuszak, Joanna, “From Red Square to Pushkin Monument: Russian Performance Art in Public Spaces in the 1990s” (Indiana, J. Kennedy)

McKelligan Hernández, Alberto, “Mónica Mayer: Translocality and the Development of Feminist Art in Contemporary Mexico” (CUNY, A. Indych-López)

Moon, Kavior, “From Site to Comparative Relations: Works by Michael Asher, 1976–1998” (UCLA, M. Kwon)

Moure Cecchini, Laura, “Reimagining the Baroque in Italian Modernism: From the Fin-de-siècle to Fascism” (Duke, M. Antliff)

Parrish, Sarah, “Anthropologies of Fiber: Claire Zeisler, Ed Rossbach, Sheila Hicks” (Boston, G. Williams)

Parsons, Jennifer Stettler, “John Sloan: Between Philadelphia and New York, 1892–1907” (Virginia, E. Turner)

Reed, Emily, “Alexander Calder, Collaborative Abstraction, and Public Art” (Virginia, E. Turner)

Rifelj, Claire, “Mediums and Messages: Collage and Narrative in Los Angeles in the 1960s and 1970s” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Ritter, Gabriel R., “Beyond Surrealism: Kitawaki Noboru and the Avant-Garde during Wartime Japan, 1931–1951” (UCLA, S. Nelson; UC Irvine, B. Winther-Tamaki)

Ryan, Tina Rivers, “McLuhan’s Bulbs: Light Art and the Dawn of New Media” (Columbia, B. Joseph)

Salinger, Victoria, “‘Writing Calculations, Calculating Writing’: The Art of Hanne Darboven” (Chicago, C. Mehring)

Sanchez, Michael, “The Rhine System: Konrad Fischer and the Logistics of Artists, 1967–1974” (Columbia, R. Krauss; B. Joseph)

Sawyer, Andrew, “Frame Work: The Contexts of Walker Evans” (Columbia, E. Hutchinson)

Schafer, Susan, “Rome Year Zero: Continuity in Post-World War II Architecture and Culture in Rome” (IFA/NYU, J-L. Cohen)

Schiller, Emily, “Unsettled Masses: Public Transportation in the Art of New York City, 1929–1941” (Penn State, N. Locke)

Schoenberger, Janna, “Ludic Conceptualism: Art and Play in the Netherlands, 1959 to 1975” (CUNY, C. Bishop)

Schroeder, Kristin, “How to Look Sachlich: Fashion and Objectivity in Weimar Germany” (University of Michigan, M. Biro)

Shinn, Masako, “Three Case Studies in Critical Regionalism: Takashi Sugimoto, Kengo Kuma, and Hiroshi Sambuichi” (The Bard Graduate Center, P. Stirton)

Skerritt, Henry, “When Time’s Arrows Collide: Historical Critique in Indigenous Contemporary Art” (Pittsburgh, T. Smith)

Smith, Laura Lake, “Imaging the In-between: The Serial Art of Richard Tuttle” (Georgia, I. Wallace)

Smither, Devon, “Bodies of Anxiety: The Female Nude in Modern Canadian Art, 1913–1945” (Toronto, M. Cheetham)

Smulevitz, Cara A., “‘Girl, if you make the movie, I promise you somebody will see it’: DIY, Grrrl Power, and Miranda July” (UIC, H. Higgins)

Temkin, Susanna, “Un arte social y revolucionario (A Social and Revolutionary Art): Marcelo Pogolotti and the International Avant-Garde” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Triandos, Theodoros, “October, Sexual Politics, and the Limits of Postmodernism” (Delaware, A. Gibson)

Vangen, Michelle, “Left and Right: Politics and Images of Motherhood in Weimar Germany” (CUNY, R. Long)

Waterman, Amanda, “Neo-Pre-Raphaelitism: The Final Generations” (Washington, S. Casteras)

Wieck, Anna, “Painting, Popular Culture, Politics: Depicting Tradition on the Eve of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939)” (Michigan, A. Potts)

Williamson, Daniel, “Modern Architecture and Capitalist Patronage in Ahmedabad, India 1947–1969” (IFA/NYU, J-L. Cohen)