Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Drawings/Prints/Work on Paper/Artistc Practice
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2017

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Anderson, Emily R., “The Bespoke Book: Experimental Printing in Early Modern Italy” (University of Southern California, D. Bleichmar)

Baker, Devon, “Re-Centering the Renaissance Print: Printmaking and Artistic Exchange in Milan, ca. 1480-1530” (Temple University, A.West)

Barber, Julia, “Reframing Art Photography: Strategies of Display and Design in British Pictorialism” (Brown University, D. Nickel)

Berman, Daniella, “Aesthetics of Contingency: History and the Unfinished Paintings of the French Revolution” (Institute of Fine Arts/NYU, T. Crow)

Bernick, Elizabeth, “Drawing Connections: Cesare da Sesto's Sketchbook and the Production of Style” (Johns Hopkins University, S. Campbell)

Bernstein, Margot, “Carmontelle's Profile Pictures and the Things that Made Them Modern” (Columbia University, A. Higonnet)

Blair, Susannah, “Constantin Guys and Modern Life: 1840-1870” (Columbia University, J. Crary)

Bock, Amanda, “Paul Strand: Envisioning Community, 1940-1955” (Princeton, A. McCauley)

Brock, Franny, “Drawing the Amateur: Draftsmanship and the Amateur in Eighteenth-Century France” (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M. Sheriff and M. Hyde)

Challenger, Alexandra “Measuring the Heavens: Printed Instruments, Illustrations, and the Construction of Cosmography in Early Modern Germany” (Florida State University, S. Leitch)

Chang, Boyoung, “Exploring identities: contemporary Korean photography” (Rutgers University, A. Zervigón) [in the name Zervigón the “o” has an acute accent]

DeRose, Elizabeth, “Defying Graphic Tradition: Printmaking Strategies of Latin American Conceptualists (1963-1984)” (Graduate Center, CUNY, A. Indych-López)

DiBenedetto, Erica, “Drawing from Architecture: The Conceptual Methods of Sol LeWitt's Art, 1965–1980” (Princeton, B. Doherty and H. Foster)

Elston, Miranda L. “Spatial Interaction: Architectural Representations in Early Tudor England” (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, T. String)

Feiman, Jesse, “The Natural History of Art: Adam von Bartsch (1757-1821) and the Historical Classification of Prints” (MIT, K. Smentek)

Floyd, Emily, “The Mobile Image: Prints and Devotional Networks in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century South America” (Tulane University, E. Boone)

Frier, Sara, “Unbearable Witness: Body Deformity in Artistic Theory and Practice in the Northern Renaissance” (Yale University, N. Suthor)

Fucci, Robert, “Landscape into History: The Early Printed Landscape Series by Jan van de Velde II (1593-1641)” (Columbia University, D. Freedberg)

Goldschmidt, Michal, “Interwar Explorations of Empire and British Identity: Modernism in Mandate Palestine” (Brown University, C. Martin)

Golobish, Laura, “Imagining Scotland: the Picturesque and Celtic as a Nation’s Present and Past in the mid-nineteenth century” (University of New Mexico, S. Anderson-Riedel)

Johnson, Lauren A., “'True Americanism': Images of Race and Citizenship in Ansel Adams's Photobooks, 1940–1960” (UIUC, T. Weissman)

Kobasa, Clare, “Sacred Impressions: Printmaking in seventeenth-century Sicily” (Columbia University, M. Cole)

Koguciuk, Jakub, “Pastoral as Genre and Method: Nature and the Environment in Northern Italian Painting, ca. 1490 – 1530” (Yale University, R. Nelson)

Kremnitzer, Kathryn, “Transition and Translation: Manet's Watercolors in the 1860s” (Columbia University, A. Higonnet)

LoScerbo, Gianna, “A Struggle for the Real: Documentary Photography and Film in Post-WWII American Culture” (Rutgers University, A. Zervigón)

Macfarlane, Ellen, “Seeing Plus: Group f.64 Photography and the Political” (Princeton, A. McCauley)

Mandarino, Grant, “Seeing Class: Graphic Satire and the Cultivation of Radicalism in the Weimar Republic” (University of Michigan, M. Biro)

Mathwig, Alexandra “Curating the Photographic Modern: John Szarkowski at the Museum of Modern Art, 1962-1990” (Brown University, D. Nickel)

Michelon, Christina, “Interior Impressions: Printed Material in the Nineteenth-Century American Home” (University of Minnesota, J. Marshall).

Mickevicius, Emilia, “New Topographics and the Reinvention of American Landscape Photography, 1975” (Brown University, D. Nickel)

Minton, Laura, “‘I’ve been all over this world four times’: Travel, Place, and Memory in the Art of Joseph E. Yoakum” (University of Kansas, D. Cateforis/C. Eldredge)

Monty, Emily, “Printmaking in Rome in the Age of Philip II” (Brown University, E. Lincoln)

Nakamura, Jun, “Prints and Printedness: Mark-making, Meaning, and Perceptions of Print in the Seventeenth-Century Netherlands” (University of Michigan, C. Brusati)

Otten, Nikki, “Monsters of the Microscope: Symbolist Visions of Germs and Disease” (University of Minnesota, G. Weisberg).

Ryan, Caitlin, “Documents of Social Life: Photography in Popular Front France” (Princeton, A. McCauley)

Scruggs, Andrew, “Photo Riot! American Photographic Practices, 1962-1975” (Rutgers University, A. Zervigón)

Shahi, Kimia, “Margin, Surface, Depth: Picturing the Contours of the Marine in Nineteenth-Century America” (Princeton, R. DeLue)

Shaw, Hannah R., “August Sander and the Photographic Conditions of Nazi-Era Germany” (Rutgers University, A. Zervigón)

Shea, Laura Elizabeth. “Photographs from the Road: Inge Morath, Sophie Calle, Sally Mann and Feminist Road Trip Vision” (UIUC, T. Weissman)

Siefert, Rebecca, “The Work of Lauretta Vinciarelli in Context: Artist, Teacher, Theorist” (Graduate Center, CUNY, M. Hadler)

Simmons, Elizabeth, “Volterrano as a Draftsman: Style, Technique, and Connoisseurship of Drawings in Seicento Florence” (University of Delaware, D. Stone)

Slodounik, Aaron, “The Painter and his Poets: Paul Gauguin and Interartistic Exchange” (Graduate Center, CUNY, J. Sund)

Taylor, Phil, “Raoul Ubac's Photographic Surrealism” (Princeton, A. McCauley)

Tung, Stephanie, “Truth in Translation: Discourses of Photography in Republican Era China” (Princeton, J. Silbergeld)

Turpijn, Saskia, “The Nineteenth-Century British Printmaker” (Virginia Commonwealth University, E. Garberson)

Wehn, James, “Inventing the Market: Authenticity, Replication, and the Prints of Israhel van Meckenem” (Case Western Reserve University, C. Scallen)

Willever, Suzanne, “Disseminating the Art of Rome in Print: Making, Meaning and Going Viral in the Sixteenth Century” (Temple University, M. Hall; A. West)

Yohalem, Hannah, “Movement and Arrest: Jasper Johns, 1954-1968” (Princeton, H. Foster)