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South Asia/South East Asia
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2015

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Alary Lavallée, Julie, “Les problèmes de la représentation culturelle: les expositions collectives d’art contemporain de l’Inde en Occident (2005–2011)” (Université de Montréal, C. Bernier)

Becherini, Marta, “Staging the Foreign: Niccolò Manucci (ca. 1638–1719) and Early European Collections of Indian Paintings” (Columbia, V. Dehejia)

Desai, Ankur, “Re-crafting the Sacred: Negotiating Tradition in Contemporary Svaminarayana Temple Architecture” (Ohio State, S. Huntington)

Dickens, Sarah, “Art of the Khmer Rouge: A History of the Visual Culture of Revolution and Genocide and Its Legacies in Contemporary Cambodian Art” (Duke, K. Stiles)

Greenwalt, Karen, “Beyond the Nation: Rasheed Araeen, Bani Abidi, Hamra Abbas, and the Art of Migration” (UIC, C. Becker)

Little, Lalaine, “Portable Devotion: Philippine Christian Visual Culture, 1521–1815” (Binghamton University, N. Um)

Mays, Eowyn, “Tracing the Imperial Imaginary in American and Philippine Visual Culture from 1898 to 1918” (Maryland, College Park, R. Ater)

Menon, Arathi, “Kerala Hipped and Gabled: An Atypical Sacred Style” (Columbia, V. Dehejia)

Mumtaz, Murad, “Remembering the Friends of God: An Unclaimed Genre of Indian Devotional Portraiture” (Virginia, D.Ehnbom)

Punj, Nandita, “Up in Alms, Portraits in Giving: The Salibhadra Carita in Early Modern Jain Art” (Rutgers, S. Brett-Smith)

Richardson, Sarah Aoife, “Painted Books for Plaster Walls: Visual Words in the Fourteenth-Century Murals at the Tibetan Buddhist Temple of Shalu” (Toronto, J. Purtle)

Rozman, Stephanie, “Acquiring Modernity: Collecting and Exhibiting Indian Art in the Early Twentieth Century” (Minnesota, F. Asher)

Stein, Emma Natalya, “All Streets Lead to Temples: Mapping Monumental Histories in Kanchiparam, ca. 690–1199 CE” (Yale, T. Sears)

Tran, Thuy N. D., “A Defining Moment: The Avant-gardes of Saigon, 1954–1975” (UC Santa Barbara, L. Monahan)