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South America
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2015

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Bravo, Doris, “Adventures on Paper and in Travesía: The School of Valparaíso Visualizes America, 1965–1984” (UT Austin, A. Giunta)

Gannaway, Amanda, “Visualizing Divine Authority: An Iconography of Rulership on the Late Middle Horizon and Late Intermediate Period North Coast of Peru” (Columbia, E. Pasztory)

Guerrero-Hernandez, Juan Carlos, “Photography, Video, and Mutilated Bodies: Constellations and Paradoxes in the Representation of Current Violence and Internal Conflict in Contemporary Art in Colombia between 1991 and 2012” (Stony Brook University, A. Uroskie)

León Crespo, Ana María, “Surrealism for the Masses: Housing the Unconscious from Barcelona to Buenos Aires, 1938–1960” (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Maroja, Camila, “Framing Latin American Art: Artists, Critics, Institutions, and the Configuration of a Regional Identity” (Duke, K. Stiles; E. Gabara)

Roberts, Jodi, “Horacio Coppola and Grete Stern: Defining the Modern in Argentine Photography, 1930–1956” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Ryu, Sara, “Calendar, Column, Crucifix: Material Reuse in the Early Modern Transatlantic World” (Yale, M. Miller)

Siegler, Jennifer, “Interaction and Imitation: Chimú Art after the Conquest by the Inka Empire, 1460–1534” (Emory, R. Stone)

Solomons, Delia, “Installing Latin American Art for Cold War Culture: US Exhibitions (1959–1967)” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Spivak, Deborah, “Local Identity in the Face of Empire: Loro Ceramics of the Middle Horizon Peruvian South Coast” (UC Santa Barbara, J. Peterson)

Tallone, Ana, “A Light in the Darkness: Argentinian Photography during the Military Dictatorship (1976–1983)” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

Tierney, Meghan, “Embodying Nasca: Sculptural Polychrome Ceramics, c.1–450 CE” (Emory, R. Stone)

Vicario, Niko, “Import/Export: Raw Materials, Hemisperic Expertise, and the Making of Latin American Art, 1933–1945” (MIT, C. Jones)

Vidal, Sebastian, “Small Town, Incredible Hell: Visual Arts, Advertising, and Mass Media during the Early Democratic Transition in Chile (1988–1994)” (UT Austin, A. Giunta)