Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Architectural History and Urbanism/Urban Planning/Historic Preservation
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2015

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Bravo, Doris, “Adventures on Paper and in Travesía: The School of Valparaíso Visualizes America, 1965–1984” (UT Austin, A. Giunta)

Coughlin, Michael, “The Conceptualization of Prudence in Sixteenth-Century Art and Architecture of the Veneto: From Mythos to Logos” (University of British Columbia, B. Wilson)

Demchenko, Igor, “Heritage of the Red Orient: Theories and Practices of Architectural Restoration in Soviet Central Asia (1920–1991)” (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Demerdash, Nancy, “Tunisia, 1940–1970: The Spatial Politics of Reconstruction, Decolonization, and Development” (Princeton, E. da Costa Meyer)

Douberley, Amanda, “The Corporate Model: Sculpture, Architecture, and the American City, 1946–1975” (UT Austin, A. Reynolds)

Drosos, Nikolaos, “Modernism with a Human Face: Synthesis of Art and Architecture in Eastern Europe, 1954–1958” (CUNY, R. Golan)

Faletti, Rina, “Undercurrents of Urban Modernism: Water, Architecture, and Landscape in California and the American West” (UT Austin, R. Shiff; M. Charlesworth)

Greenberg, Daniel, “A New Imperial Landscape: Ritual, Representation, and Foreign Relations in the Qianlong Court (1735–1796)” (Yale, Y. Kim)

Guarino, Jean L., “Urban Renewal in the Interwar Era: The Remaking of Chicago’s Loop, 1918 to 1942” (UIC, B. Bruegmann)

Hara, Mari Yoko, “Places of Performance: Baldassarre Peruzzi (1481–1536), A Renaissance Painter-Architect” (Virginia, C. Brothers)

Harkrader, Nina, “Building for the Poor and the Pauper: Architecture, Morality, and Medical Models in Victorian England, 1850–1900” (IFA/ NYU, M. Trachtenberg; J-L. Cohen)

Ibrahim, Anwar, “Politics, Controversy, and Design in Post 9/11 American Mosques: The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, Roxbury, Massachusetts” (Binghamton University, N. Um)

Kaligotla, Subhashini, “Shiva’s Waterfront Temples: Reimagining the Sacred Architecture of India’s Deccan Region” (Columbia, V. Dehejia)

León Crespo, Ana María, “Surrealism for the Masses: Housing the Unconscious from Barcelona to Buenos Aires, 1938–1960” (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Luther, Stephanie, “Gifts and Giving in Architectural Sculpture of the Holy Roman Empire, ca. 1150– 1235” (Yale, J. Jung)

Manson, Andrew, “Rationalism and Ruins in Roma Mussoliniana: The 1934 Palazzo del Littorio Competition” (Columbia, M. McLeod)

Mellado Corriente, Marina, “The Architecture of Knowledge: The Jesuit College of Oaxaca, XVI–XIX Centuries” (Virginia Commonwealth, M. Schreffler)

Merrill, Elizabeth, “Francesco di Giorgio and the Formation of the Renaissance Architect” (Virginia, C. Brothers)

Mitrovici, Ana, “Of Water and Healing: Ad Mediam and Hercules in the Context of Imperial Roman Expansion and the Provinces, 2nd–3rd ca. CE” (UC Santa Barbara, F. Yegül)

Moses, Kelema Lee, “Kingdom, Territory, State: An Architectural Narrative of Honolulu, Hawai‘i (1882–1994)” (Penn State, C. Zabel)

Reynolds, Craig, “Thomas Jefferson’s Designs for the Federal District and the National Capital, 1776–1826” (Virginia Commonwealth, C. Brownell)

Rogers, Dylan, “Water Display and Meaning in the High Roman Empire” (Virginia, J. Dobbins; T. J. Smith)

Scarlett, Sarah Fayen, “Everyone’s an Outsider: Architecture, Landscape, and Class in Michigan’s Copper Country” (Wisconsin, Madison, A. Andrzejewski)

Stewart, Zachary, “The Integrated Interior: Parish Church Architecture in Eastern England, ca.1330–ca.1550” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Swisher, Christine, “Beyond Euthenics: Home Economics and the Reinvention of the American House, 1893–1939” (Penn State, C. Zabel)

Teverson, Richard, “Augustan Kings: The Art and Architecture of Herod the Great of Judea and Juba II of Mauretania” (Yale, D. Kleiner)

Tezanos, Lorena, “The Architecture of 19th-Century Cuban Sugar Mills: Spaces of Creole Power and African Resistance in Late Colonial Cuba” (CUNY, E. Keber)

Triplett, Edward, “A Wall of the Faithful: A Spatial Analysis of Military Order Architecture on Medieval Iberia’s Religious Frontier” (Virginia, L. Reilly)

Tritch Roman, Gretta, “The Reach of the Pit: Negotiating the Multiple Spheres of the Chicago Board of Trade Building in the Late Nineteenth Century” (Penn State, C. Zabel)