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Chinese Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2014

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Ho, Christine I., “Drawing from Life: Mass Sketching and the Formation of Socialist Realist Guohua in the Early People’s Republic of China (1949–1965)” (Stanford, R. Vinograd)

Hu, Jun, “Embracing the Circle: Domical Buildings in East Asian Architecture ca. 200–750” (Princeton, J. Silbergeld)

Im, Sooa, “Transnational Perspectives on Eighteenth-Century Court Documentary Painting in China and Korea” (Kansas, M. Haufler)

Jung, Ha Yoon, “Abstract Art in 1980s Shanghai” (UC San Diego, K. Shen)

Lee, Sang Nam, “Traces of a Lost Landscape Tradition of the Early Joseon Dynasty (1392–1550): A Case Study of the Cross-Cultural Relationships in Korean and Chinese Paintings” (Kansas, M. Haufler)

Lin, Fan, “Cartographic Empire: Production and Circulation of Maps and Mapmaking Knowledge in the Song Dynasty (960–1279)” (McGill, J. Moser, R. Yates)

Peng, Yingchen, “This Imperial Body: The Cultural Enterprise of Empress Dowager Cixi (1835–1908)” (UCLA, H. S. Lee)

Qian, Zhijian, “Modernism Reoriented in a Chinese Context: Painting of Modernist Artiti in Wartime Chongqing, 1937–1945” (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Wang, Michelle, “Characters of Design: Writing and Materiality in Early China” (UC Berkeley, P. Berger)

Yin, Tongyun, “Ancient Methods and New Knowledge: The Art Market and Traditional-Style Painting Practice in Early Republican Beijing: 1911–1937” (UC San Diego, K. Shen)

Zhang, Jingmin, “Tradition Revitalized: The Chinese Painting Research Society of Republican Beijing” (Maryland, College Park, J. Kuo)

Zhong, Yueni, “Technologies of Aesthetics: Art and Alchemy in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Chinese Art” (UC Berkeley, P. Berger)