Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Latin American/Caribbean Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2013

Show completed dissertations

Abramovich, Lucia, “Precious Materiality in Colonial Andean Art: Gold, Silver, and Jewels in Paintings of the Virgin” (Tulane, E. Boone)

Aguilar, Margarita, “Traditions and Transformations in the Work of Adal: Surrealism, El Sainete, and Spanglish” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

Aguilera, Elizabeth, “Aztec Agricultural Deities: Material Essence of Sacred Objects” (UC Santa Barbara, J. Peterson)

Anagnost, Adrian, “Contested Spaces: Art and Urbanism in Brazil, 1928–1969” (Chicago, R. Ubl)

Arias, Juan Carlos, “In Search of a Hungry Cinema: Representations of Hunger in Brazilian Cinema, 1960s–2000s” (UIC, H. Higgins)

Biczel, Dorota, “A Mediocre Utopia: Urban Interventions, Migration, and the Making of the Public in the Exploding Metropolis (Lima, 1978–1989)” (UT Austin, G. Flaherty, A. Giunta)

Bonilla-Merchav, Lauran, “Manuel de la Cruz González: Transnationalism and the Development of Modern Art in Costa Rica” (CUNY, A. Indych-Lopez)

Bravo, Doris, “Mapping South America’s Interior Sea: The School of Valparaíso’s Travesías, 1965–1992” (UT Austin, A. Giunta)

Breatore, Mattthew, “Tansula do Amanal and Emilia Di Carakcauti, 1922–1930: Brazilian Art and Identity” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Breault, Emily, “The Mirror and the Mountain: Reflection, Light, and Yanantin in the Churches of Cusco, Peru” (Columbia, D. Freedberg, E. Pasztory, D. Rosand)

Brodbeck, Katherine, “Charting the Course of Revolution: Artur Barrio and Artistic Education and Exchange in Brazil (1967–1971)” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Cesarone, Bernard, “Redeeming Virgins and Heterodox Images in Enlightenment New Spain” (UIUC, O. Vázquez)

Cordero, Karen, “The Invention of Popular Art: A Paradigm for the Construction of Mexican Visual Culture, 1915–1940” (Yale, M. Miller)

Cornejo, Kency, “Visual Disobedience: The Geopolitics of Experimental Art in Central America, 1990–Present” (Duke, K. Stiles, E. Gabara)

De la Maza, Josefina, “Contesting Nationalism: Analyzing Pictorial Genres in Nineteenth-Century Chilean Painting” (Stony Brook University, J. Monteyne)

Debin, Megan Lorraine, “Body Traces: Performance against Violence in Mexico, 1994–2012” (UCLA, C. Villaseñor-Black)

Decker-Parks, Arden, “Los Grupos and the Art of Intervention in 1970s Mexico” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

DeRose, Elizabeth, “Defying Graphic Tradition: Printmaking Strategies of Latin American Conceptualists (1963–1984)” (CUNY, A. Indych-López)

Drien, Marcela, “The Arts in the Showcase: Chile’s International Exposition of 1875” (Stony Brook University, M. Bogart)

Ericson, Klinton, “Sumptuous and Beautiful, As They Were: Architectural Form, Everyday Life, and Cultural Encounter in a Seventeenth-Century New Mexico Mission” (UNC Chapel Hill, E. Douglas)

Fitch, Nicholas, “Technocratic Modernism: The Instituto Torcuato Di Tella and the Avant-Garde in Argentina, 1945–1973” (Columbia, B. Joseph)

Fitle, Rebecca, “Transformative Impressions: The Print Aesthetic in Sixteenth-Century New Spain” (Columbia, E. Pasztory, A. Russo)

Fitzpatrick, Elena, “Disseminating Devotion: Christological Imagery in Colonial Mexico and Guatemala” (CUNY, E. Quiñones-Keber)

Franco, Joshua, “Marfa, Marfa: Minimalism, rasquachismo, and Questioning ‘Decolonial Aesthetics’ In Far West Texas” (Binghamton University, T. McDonough)

Guerrero-Hernandez, Juan Carlos, “Photography, Video, and Mutilated Bodies: Constellations and Paradoxes in the Representation of Current Violence and Internal Conflict in Contemporary Art in Colombia between 1991 and 2012” (Stony Brook University, A. Uroskie)

Hyman, Aaron, “Rubens in a New World: Prints, Authorship, and the Slavish Copy” (UC Berkeley, E. Honig)

Irwin, Christa, “Rome in Lima: Italian Renaissance Influence in Colonial Peruvian Painting” (CUNY, J. Saslow)

Jasienski, Adam, “In the Guise of Holiness: Portraiture, Sanctity, and Dynastic Politics under the Spanish Habsburgs” (Harvard, T. Cummins)

Kaplan, Lauren, “Crossing the Atlantic: Italians in Argentina, 1916–1946” (CUNY, E. Braun)

Laughlin, Eleanor, “Posed, Deposed: Propaganda and Resistance in Carte-de-visite Photograph Portraits of Maximilian von Habsburg during the Second Mexican Empire (1864–67)” (Florida, M. Hyde, M. Stanfield-Mazzi)

León, Ana María, “Southern Surrealisms: Buenos Aires, 1936–1956” (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Lumbreras, María, “True Portraits: Veracity and Virtus in the Early Modern Iberian World” (Johns Hopkins, F. Pereda)

Lundy, Heather, “Making Place for Yucatecan Solutions to Space: Le Úuchben Muulo’obo’ of the Rio Bec, Chenes, and Puuc” (Florida State, M. Carrasco)

Mann, Jonathan, “Portrait of A[nother] Decade: David Alfaro Siqueiros, 1950–1960” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

Maroja, Camila, “Framing Latin American Art: Contemporary Institutions and the Configuration of a Regional Identity” (Duke, K. Stiles, E. Gabara)

McHugh, Julia, “Dressing Spaces in Eighteenth-Century Peru: Basilio Pacheco’s Life of Saint Augustine Series” (UCLA, C. Villaseñor-Black)

McMahon, Brendan, “Colors of Deceit: The Arts of Iridescence in the Early Modern Spanish World” (USC, D. Bleichmar)

Mellado, Marina, “The Architecture of Knowledge: The Jesuit College of Oaxaca” (Virginia Commonwealth, M. Schreffler)

Nesselrode, Sean, “The Harvest of Modernity: Art, Oil, and Industry in the Venezuelan Twentieth Century” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Panbehchi, Michael, “History Painting and the Battles of Alexander Farnese in Colonial Latin America” (Virginia Commonwealth, M. Schreffler)

Potter, Berit, “Grace L. McCann Morley, ‘The Unique Authority on Latin American Art’: The Exhibition and Exchange of Modern Art within the Americas; 1935–1955” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow, E. Sullivan)

Raabe, Vanessa, “Dissident Desires: Mapping Queer Ethos in Chilean Visual Art, 1975–1990” (UCLA, C. Villaseñor-Black)

Rarey, Matthew Francis, “Revolting Visions: Contesting Aesthetics in Brazil’s Era of Slave Rebellion” (Wisconsin, Madison, J. Casid)

Reinoza, Tatiana, “Latino Print Cultures in the US, 1970–2008” (UT Austin, C. Smith)

Rivera, Alfredo, “Revolutionizing Modernities: Visualizing Utopia in 1960s Havana, Cuba” (Duke, R. Powell, E. Gabara)

Roberts, Jodi, “Photography and the Contested Spaces of Buenos Aires under Juan Domingo Perón” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan, R. Lubar)

Rodriguez, Mari, “The São Paulo Neo-Avant-Garde: Art, Collaboration, and Print Media (1970–1985)” (UT Austin, A. Giunta)

Ryu, Sara, “Calendar, Column, Crucifix: Material Reuse in the Early Modern Transatlantic” (Yale, C. Wood)

Salas, Alexis, “Performing the Making: Commercial and Political Uses of Collective Conceptual Experimentalism (Temístocles 44, Mexico City, 1987–2003)” (UT Austin, A. Giunta)

Saracino, Jennifer, “Shifting Landscape: Depictions of Cultural Disruption and Continuity in the Mapa Uppsala of Mexico-Tenochtitlan” (Tulane, E. Boone)

Secco, Maria Noel, “Luis Camnitzer: Le concept de l’artiste latino américain” (University of Montreal, T. Porterfield)

Serrano, Blanca, “Between Limit and Possibility: Reflections on the Visual Culture of Recycling in 1990s Cuban Art” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Simmons, Briana “The House that Coffee Built: The Atlantic Commerce, Material Culture, and Architecture of a Brazilian Plantation System” (UC Santa Barbara, S. Chattopadhyay)

Spivak, Deborah, “Painted Images of Cuzco’s Corpus Christi Festival: Social Conflict and Cultural Strategy in Viceregal Peru” (UC Santa Barbara, J. Peterson)

Steverlynck, María-Laura, “The School of the South Experiment: The Pedagogy and Legacy of a New World Modernism” (CUNY, A. Indych-López)

Tallone, Ana, “A Light in the Darkness: Argentinean Photography 1973–1986” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

Temkin, Susanna, “Une Arte Social y Revolucionario(A Social and Revolutionary Art): Marcedo Pogolotti and the International Avant-Garde” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Ulloa Herrera, Olga, “The US State, the Private Sector, and Modern Art in South America, 1940–1945” (George Mason, M. Greet)

Vargas-Santiago, Luis, “Bridging Zapata: Transnational Images across Mexico and the US” (UT Austin, A. Giunta)

Vicario, Niko, “Import/Export: Raw Materials, Hemisperic Expertise and the Making of Latin American Art, 1933–1945” (MIT, C. Jones)

Vidal, Sebastian, “The Visual Arts during the Chilean Transition: The Art Scene after ‘La Escena de Avanzada’” (UT Austin, A. Giunta)

Winograd, Abigail, “Reframing Latin American Identity: Curatorial Practice and Latin American Art from 1992 to the Present” (UT Austin, A. Giunta)

Zimmerman, Rachel, “Global Luxuries: Art and Material Culture in the Eighteenth-Century Elite Home in Minas Gerais, Brazil” (Delaware, M. Domínguez Torres)

Zinsli, Beth A., “Writing with Salt Water and Sunlight: Circulation and Contemporary Spanish Caribbean Photography” (Wisconsin, Madison, J. Casid)