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Greek/Roman Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2013

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Abbe, Mark B., “The Polychromy of Roman Marble Sculpture: Aphrodisias and Corinth” (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

Banducci, Laura, “Foodways and Cultural Identity in Roman Republican Italy” (Michigan, IPCAA, N. Terrenato)

Blevins, Susan “Eternalizing the Emperor: Architecture, Cult, and Deification in Imperial Rome” (Emory, E. Varner)

Bonga, Lily, “Late Neolithic Pottery in Greece” (Temple, P. Betancourt)

Cline, Lea, “Altars and Empire: Studies in Roman Altars and Divine Kingship, (c. 300 BC–AD 96)” (UT Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)

Findley, Andrew, “The Monumental Province: Asia and the Temples of the Roman Empire” (Washington University, S. Rotroff)

Gensheimer, Maryl, “Decoration and Display in the Imperial Thermae of Rome: Visual Experience and Intended Meaning” (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

Gondek, Renee, “Gender, Dress, and Nuptial Imagery in Greek Vase-Painting” (Virginia, T.J. Smith)

Holt, Emily, “Economy and Environment in Complex Societies: A Case Study from Bronze Age Sardinia” (Michigan, IPCAA, S. Herbert, J. O’Shea)

Huntsman, Theresa, “Eternal Personae: Chiusine Cinerary Urns and the Construction of Etruscan Identity” (Washington University, S. Rotroff)

Jones, Nathaniel, “Nobilibus Pinacothecae Sunt Faciundae: The Inception of the Fictive Picture Gallery in Augustan Rome” (Yale, D. Kleiner)

Layton-Kim, Stephanie, “Performance and Visual Culture in Etruria: 7th–2nd Century BC” (Virginia, T.J. Smith)

Miliaresis, Ismini, “Heating and Fuel Consumption in the Forum Baths at Ostia” (Virginia, J. Dobbins)

Mogetta, Marcello, “The Origins of Concrete in Rome and Pompeii” (Michigan, IPCAA, N. Terrenato)

Olson, Emily V., “Contextualizing Roman Honorific Monuments: Statue Groups of the Imperial Family from Olympia, Ephesus, and Leptis Magna” (UNC Chapel Hill, M. Sturgeon)

Ozturk, Onur, “Gods, Emperors, and the City: The Urban Transformation of Roman Asia” (UT Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)

Raabe, Ashleigh, “Second Style Painting and Social Ritual: The House of the Cryptoporticus at Pompeii” (UNC Chapel Hill, M. Sturgeon)

Sulosky Weaver, Carrie, “Depositing the Dead: Material Culture and Funerary Practices in Kamarina, Sicily, ca. 5th to 3rd Century BC” (Virginia, T.J. Smith)

Trentinella, Rosemarie, “The Roman Villa in Calabria: Case Studies in Visual Culture” (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

van der Graaff, Ivo, “The City Walls of Pompeii: Perceptions and Expressions of a Monumental Boundary” (UT Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)

Walthall, Denton Alex, “A Measured Harvest: Grain, Tithes, and Territories, Hellenistic and Roman Sicily (276–31 BCE)” (Princeton, W. Childs)