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Egyptian/Ancient Near Eastern Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2013

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Benzel, Kim, “Puabi’s Adornment for the Afterlife: Materials and Technologies of Jewelry at Ur in Mesopotamia” (Columbia, Z. Bahrani)

Cummins, Elizabeth, “Word, Object, Image: The Bed as a Sign in New Kingdom Egyptian Art” (Emory, G. Robins)

Fitzgerald, Clare, “Traditional Mechanisms and New Applications: Identity Construction and Definition of Space through Image in Post-Amarna and Nineteenth-Dynasty Elite Tombs at Thebes” (Emory, G. Robins)

Landvatter, Thomas, “Identity, Burial Practice, and Social Change in Ptolemaic Egypt” (Michigan, IPCAA, T. Wilfong, S. Herbert)