Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Critical Theory/Gender Studies/Visual Studies
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2012

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Bedarida, Raffaele, “West of Rome: Reinventing Italy in the United States through Contemporary Art” (CUNY, E. Braun)

Bergstrom, Barbara, “The Experience of Earning an American MFA: Action Research within a Course about Pedagogy and Art Students’s Developing Sense of Self” (The University of Arizona, L. Beudert)

Betancourt, Roland, “The Proleptic Image: An Investigation of the Medium in Byzantium” (Yale, R. Nelson)

Boucher, Marie-Pier, “Architectures of Aliveness: Gravitation and Social Innovation” (Duke, M. Hansen)

Caplan, Lindsay “Open Works: Between the Programmed and the Free, Art in Italy from 1962 to 1972” (CUNY, R. Golan)

Carmack, Kara, “Marginal Centers: The New York Underground on Manhattan Public Access Television” (UT Austin, A. Reynolds)

Carreno, Alexis, “Alexander McQueen: Art, Fashion, and Commerce” (Stony Brook University, M. Bogart)

Chisholm, Anna, “Fred Wilson’s ‘Un-Natural’ Histories: Race, Trauma, and the Visual Production of Knowledge” (Minnesota, J. Blocker)

Choi, Jung E., “Impossible Geography: Spatiality in Experiential Technosphere” (Duke, M. Hansen)

Contogouris, Ersy, “Of Marble and Flesh: The Attitudes and Representations of Emma Hamilton” (Université de Montréal, T. Porterfield)

Corrales-Diaz, Erin R., “Remembering the Veteran: Trauma, Disability, and the American Civil War, 1861–1915” (UNC Chapel Hill, R. Barrett)

Dagoglu, Özlem-Gülin, “Féministe et cosmopolite: Mihri Rasim (1890–1954), la première peintre turque” (Université de Montréal, T. Porterfield)

De la Maza, Josefina, “Contesting Nationalism: Analyzing Pictorial Genres in 19th-Century Chilean Painting” (Stony Brook University, J. Monteyne)

DeLand, Lauren, “Invisible Men: The Risks and Pleasures of Self-Portrayal in the Work of Contemporary American Male Artists” (Minnesota, J. Blocker)

Dickenson, Rachelle, “A Question of Sovereignty: Indigenous Art Education in Canadian Universities” (York University, R. Hill)

Dillon, Sarah, “Trecento Visuality and Visual Arts: The Role of Glass and the Influence of Optics on Italian Art of the Fourteenth Century” (CUNY, J. Saslow)

DiMarzo, Michelle, “Titian and the Culture of Midcentury Rome: The Venetian among the Ruins” (Temple, T. Cooper)

Downey, Erin, “The Bentvueghels: Networking and Agency in the Seicento Art Market” (Temple, T. Cooper)

Gamer, Meredith, “Criminal and Martyr: Art and Religion in Britain’s Early Modern Eighteenth Century” (Yale, T. Barringer)

Gerspacher, Arnaud “Posthuman Animals in Art: France and Belgium 1972–85” (CUNY, C. Bishop)

Gleisser, Faye, “Guerrilla Tactics: The Aesthetics of Resistance in Performance Art and American Culture, 1969–79” (Northwestern, H. Copeland)

Gohmann, Joanna M., “Living Together: People and their Animals in Eighteenth-Century French Art, 1700–1789” (UNC Chapel Hill, M. Sheriff)

Grove, Jaleen, “A Cultural Trade: Canadian Illustrators at Home and in the United States, 1880–1960” (Stony Brook University, M. Bogart)

Hamilton, Andrew, “Scale and the Inca” (Harvard University, T. Cummins)

Harbin, Virginia Allison, “Visual Excess in Contemporary Art by Women” (Rutgers, T. Flores)

Harlan, Gabrielle R. “The Development of the Pueblo Revival Style: Displaying Race and Gender in the American Southwest, 1895–1925” (Virginia, S. Crane)

Jeanjean, Stéphanie, “Spectatorship and the Screen as Interface: French Art Using Television and the Projected Image from the Late 1960s to the Present Day” (CUNY, C. Bishop)

Kim, Jeehey, “Death and Photography in East Asia: A Vernacular Use of Photo-Portraiture” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Klorman-Eraqi, Na’ama, “Feminism and Photography in 1970s–1980s Britain” (Binghamton University, J. Tagg)

Kutis, Barbara, “Artist-Parents: Nature, Nurture, and Identity in Contemporary Art” (Delaware, A. Gibson)

Lee, Jung Joon, “Framing the Nation: Nation-Building, Resistance, and Democratization in Korean Photography, 1945–2008” (CUNY, G. Batchen)

Leigh, Allison, “Superfluous Man: Melancholy and Modernity in 19th-Century Russia and France” (Rutgers, S. Sidlauskas)

Lenhard, Danielle, “Reading with One Hand: Suggestive Folds and Subversive Consumption in Jean-Honore Fragonard’s ‘The Bolt’” (Stony Brook University, J. Monteyne)

Libby, Alexandra, “Piety and Politics in Peter Paul Rubens’s Triumph of the Eucharist Tapestry Series” (Maryland, College Park, A. Wheelock)

Maizels, Michael, “Barry Le Va: The Sculptural Aftermath” (Virginia, H. Singerman)

Manning, Mary, “Frédéric Bazille and Masculinity Between Paris and Montpellier, 1841–1870” (Rutgers, S. Sidlauskas)

Martynyuk, Olena, “Center-Periphery Dialogues in Moscow’s Post-Conceptual Artistic Communities of 1980s–1990s” (Rutgers, J. Sharp)

McAuliffe, Michael, “Connoisseurship in the Twentieth Century: The János Scholz Collection of Italian Old Master Drawings—A Case Study” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

McKay, Sally, “Bodies in Thought: Neuroaesthetics and the Critical Practice of Art History” (York University, J. Fisher)

Mecugni, Anna, “A Voyage of Identities: Luigi Ontani and the Postmodern Question in 1970s Italy” (CUNY, R. Golan)

Moser, Gabrielle, “The Colonial Office Visual Instruction Committee’s Slide Lecture Series, 1902–45” (York University, S. Parsons)

Newman, Emily, “Weighing the Body: Female Body Image in Contemporary Art” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Ngan, Quincy, “The Power of Pigments: The Functions and Meanings of Blue-and-Green Landscape Painting in Ming China” (Chicago, P. Foong)

O’Connell, Shana, “Omnia Mutantur: A Study of Still Life in Roman Wall Painting” (Johns Hopkins, H. Valladares, P.L. Tucci)

Pawelchak, Nadia, “Medieval Art, Audiences, Embodied Responses, and Cognitive Theory” (Florida State, P. Gerson)

Peng, Yingchen, “This Imperial Body: The Cultural Enterprise of Empress Dowager Cixi (1835–1908)” (UCLA, H.S. Lee)

Rarey, Matthew F., “Print Culture, Slavery, and the Performance of Power: Salvador da Bahia in Revolt, 1760–1840” (Wisconsin, Madison, J. Casid)

Robinson, Stuart, “The Other White Cube: The Refrigerator as Gallery Space” (University of Arizona, L. Beudert)

Rocco, Patricia, “Maniera Devota/Mano Donnesca: Women and Visual Imagery during the Counter-Reformation in the Papal States, 1575–1675” (CUNY, J. Saslow)

Romain, Julie, “Courtly Culture and Visuality in Indian Temple Sculpture, 550–750 CE” (UCLA, R. Brown)

Rounthwaite, Adair, “Rearrangements: Politics and Pedagogy at the Dia Art Foundation, 1988–89” (Minnesota, J. Blocker, J. Marshall)

Schwendener, Martha “The Photographic Universe: Vilem Flusser’s Theories of Photography, Media, and Digital Culture” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Shapiro, Abigail, “Feminism and Installation Art, 1965–1985” (McGill, A. Jones)

Simblist, Noah, “Psychogeographies of Occupation: Art and Politics at the Borderland” (UT Austin, A. Reynolds)

Solomon, Virginia, “Modeling Queer Methods: General Idea’s Art and Politics, 1969–1994” (USC, R. Meyer)

Szymanek, Angelique, “The Fear of Rape, the Threat of Looking: Performance, Activism, and Spectatorship” (Binghamton University, T. McDonough)

Tacinelli, Aaron, “Logical Constructions: Rationalities and Politics in Architecture, 1966–1988” (Pittsburgh, C. Armstrong)

Taylor, Jacqueline, “Designing Progress: Race, Gender, and Modernism in Early 20th-Century America” (Virginia, R. G. Wilson)

Trench, Carolyn J., “Performativity’s Moment: Vogue, Queer Video Production, and Theoretical Discourse” (Pennsylvania, G. D. Shaw)

Triandos, Theodore, “A Social History of Postmodern Art and Its Criticism” (Delaware, A. Gibson, C. Holloway)

Tymkiw, Michael, “National Socialist Exhibition Design, Spectatorship, and the Fabrication of Volksgemeinschaft” (Chicago, C. Mehring)

Viggiani, Daniela, “L’édition de l’Abecedario Pittorico de Pietro Maria Guarienti (1678–1753), une source pour l’histoire de l’art portugais” (Université de Montréal, L. De Moura Sobral)

Warbelow, Anna, “Camping the Canon: Artifice and Identity in Yasumasa Morimura’s Photographic Self Portraiture” (Washington University, A. Miller)

Wertheim, Laura, “Dust and Shadow Feminism: Disavowed Supportive Labor, Feminine Transitivity, and Temporal Drag in Postwar American Art and Performance” (Minnesota, J. Blocker)

White, Marisa, “A Feminist Inheritance? Questions of Ambivalence and Subjectivity in Paul McCarthy, Mike Kelley, and Robert Gober” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Woltmann, Kim, “Photographing Place: Urban Space in Catherine Opie’s Los Angeles Landscapes” (Story Brook University, M. Bogart)

Woodin, Diane, “Embodied Constellations: Representations of Science, Gender, and Social Allegiance in the 18th Century” (UNC Chapel Hill, M. Sheriff)

Yamamura, Midori, “Yayoi Kusama: Biography and Cultural Confrontation, 1945–1969” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Zawadzki, Mary, “St. Nicholas Magazine: A Portable Art Museum” (CUNY, P. Mainardi)

Zhong, Yueni, “Technologies of Aesthetics: Art and Alchemy in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Chinese Art” (UC Berkeley, P. Berger)