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Egyptian/Ancient Near Eastern Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2011

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Aly, Reham, “Ceremonial and Economical Life in the Royal Palace of New Kingdom, Egypt” (Penn State, E. Walters)

Anthony, Flora, “Images of Foreigners in 18th-Dynasty Theban Tombs, 1550–1372 BCE” (Emory, G. Robins)

Babcock, Jennifer, “Ancient Egyptian Figured Ostraca: Their Artistic and Cultural Significance” (IFA/NYU, D. O’Connor)

Badawi, Sherine, “Transposition and Transformation: The Interconnection between Tomb Chapel and Coffin in Middle Kingdom Egypt” (IFA/NYU, D. O’Connor)

Belcher, Ellen, “Embodying the Halaf: Fifth Millennium Figurines from Northern Mesopotamia” (Columbia, N. Kampen)

Benzel, Kim, “Magically Made: The Technology and Enchantment of Jewelry at Ur, Mesopotamia in 2500 BCE” (Columbia, Z. Bahrani)

Cody, Madeleine, “The Old Kingdom Cemetery at Mendes: Reflections of an Egyptian Community in the New Kingdom” (IFA/NYU, D. O’Connor)

Colburn, Henry, “Archaeology of Empire in Achaemenid Egypt” (Michigan, M. Root)

Craft, Sarah, “Dynamic Landscapes in Late Roman and Byzantine Anatolia: Pilgrimage, Travel Infrastructure, and Landscape Archaeology” (Brown, S. Alcock)

Cummins, Elizabeth, “The Bed in New Kingdom Egyptian Art” (Emory, G. Robins)
Egypt” (Penn State, E. Walters)

Fitzgerald, Clare, “Image as a Tool of Spatial Organization in Ramesside Theban Tombs” (Emory, G. Robins)

Flaata, Amanda, “The Early Cult of the Mother in Western Anatolia: An Archaeological Reassessment” (Wisconsin, Madison, N. Cahill)

Franck, Sara, “Bucolic Architecture: Hellenistic Pastoral Temples in the Peloponnese” (Minnesota, F. Cooper)

Hartsay, Emily, “The Chapelle Rouge of Hatshepsut: Erasures and Iconography” (Penn State, E. Walters)

Kopleff, Heather, “A Community in Stone: The Cenotaph Stelae of Abydos” (IFA/NYU, D. O’Connor)

Kreiter, Rachel, “The Practices and Meaning of Reuse in Egyptian Royal Contexts” (Emory, G. Robins)

Landvatter, Thomas, “Identity, Burial Practices, and Social Change in Graeco-Roman Egypt” (Michigan, T. Wilfong, S. Herbert)

Martino, Shannon A. C., “The Intersection of Culture and Agency as Seen through the Shared Figurine Genre of the Prehistoric Southwest Black Sea” (Pennsylvania, H. Pittman)

Murphy, Elizabeth, “Roman Workplaces, Work Practice, and Working Lives: A Multi-scalar Study of Crafts Production in the Eastern Mediterranean” (Brown, S. Alcock)

Papayiannis, Joanna, “The Gynaikonitis: An Investigation of the (Un)Gendered Spatial Division of Houses in Ancient Greece” (Princeton, T. L. Shear, Jr.)

Peters, Erin A., “Tradition Transformed: The Egyptian Temples of Augustus” (Iowa, B. Longfellow)

Sekedat, Bradley, “Rethinking Resources: Integrating Resource Sites into the Landscapes of Roman Anatolia” (Brown, S. Alcock, J. Cherry)

Shanley, Andrea, “Seth and New Kingdom Royal Ideology” (Emory, G. Robins)

Swan, Carolyn, “In Flux: Glass, Technology, and the Glassmaking Industry of the Byzantine and Early Islamic (8th–12th century CE) Near East; the Archaeology and Archaeometry of a High Temperature Craft” (Brown, S. Alcock, J. Cherry)

Yalçın, Serdar, “Seals and Patronage in Near East during the Late Bronze Age (ca. 1600–1200 BC)” (Columbia, Z. Bahrani)

Yandek, Amy, “Pagan Roman Religious Acculturation? An Inquiry into the Domestic Cult at Dura-Europos, Ephesos, and Karanis: The First to Fifth Centuries CE” (Temple, J. Evans)