Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Early Medieval/Romanesque/Gothic Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2011

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Badamo, Heather, “Image and Identity: Representations of Military Saints in Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean” (Michigan, T. Thomas, E. Sears)

Drimmer, Sonja, “The Visual Language of Vernacular Manuscript Illumination: John Gower’s Confessio Amantis (Pierpont Morgan MS M.126)” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Feltman, Jennifer, “Moral Theology and the Care of Souls: The Last Judgment in Thirteenth-Century French Sculpture” (Florida State, P. Gerson)

Finch, Julia A., “Bibles en images: Visual Narrative and Translation in New York Public Library Spencer Collection ms. 22 and Related Manuscripts” (Pittsburgh, M. A. Stones)

Fisher, Susannah, “Materializing the Word: Ottonian Treasury Bindings and Viewer Reception” (Rutgers, E. Thunø)

Foster-Campbell, Megan H., “Pilgrimage through the Pages: Pilgrims’ Badges in Late Medieval Devotional Manuscripts” (UIUC, A. Hedeman)

Guilbeau, Phillip, “El Paular: Anatomy of a Charterhouse” (Michigan, E. Sears, A. Timmermann)

Hindin, S. Adam, “Knowledge, Memory, and Ethnic Commitment in Bohemian Visual Culture, 1198–1458” (Harvard, J. Hamburger)

Hutterer, Maile, “Broken Outlines and Structural Exhibitionism: The Flying Buttress as Aesthetic Choice in Medieval France” (IFA/NYU, M. Trachtenberg)

Labatt, Annie Montgomery, “Laboratory of Images: Emerging Iconographies in Eighth- and Ninth-Century Rome” (Yale, R. Nelson)

Montgomery, Leanne, “Cologne Cathedral in the Merovingian Period and Beyond” (Indiana, E. Kleinbauer)

Naumann, Jennifer, “Playing the Game of Art: Constructing Identity in Late Medieval France” (Florida State, P. Gerson)

Perry, Rebekah, “Sacred Image, Civic Spectacle, and Ritual Space: Tivoli’s Inchinata Procession and Icons in Urban Liturgical Theater in Late Medieval Italy” (Pittsburgh, M. A. Stones)

Watt, Kelly, “Medieval Churches on the Spanish Frontier: How Elite Emulation in Architecture Contributed to the Transformation of a Territorial Expansion into Reconquista” (Louisville, C. Fulton)