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Eighteenth-Century Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2010

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Arpen, Katherine, “Pleasure and the Body: Representations of Bathers in Eighteenth-Century French Art” (UNC Chapel Hill, M. Sheriff)

Baumgartner, Frederique, “Transformation of the Cultural Experience: The Art of Hubert Robert during the French Revolution” (Harvard, E. Lajer-Burcharth)

Beachdel, Thomas, “Landscape Aesthetics and the Sublime in France, 1750–1815” (CUNY, P. Mainardi)

Bell, Andrea, “French Artist in Rome: An Examination of Eighteenth-Century Drawing Albums” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Bell, Esther, “Charles-Antoine Coypel: Painting and Performance in Eighteenth-Century France” (IFA/NYU, M. Westermann, M. Ledbury)

Boivin, Julie, “A Redefinition of the Role of Ornament in French Rococo Art and Contemporary Visual Culture: From the Horrifyingly Beautiful to the Beauty of Horror” (Toronto, M. Cheetham)

Bouffard, Mickaël, “Le bon air et la bonne grâce: Attitudes et gestes de la figure noble dans l’art européen (1660–1789)” (Université de Montréal, L. de Moura Sobral)

Brown, Hillary E., “Shaping the Child: Sculpted Portraits of Children in Eighteenth-Century Britain” (USC, M. Baker)

Budnick, Barabara, “Painting an English Landscape: The Values of Property in Landscape Painting, 1660–1714” (University of Washington, C. Goettler)

Bushman, Karissa E., “Anticlericalism in Goya’s Works” (Iowa, D. Johnson)

Cannady, Lauren, “Owing to Nature and Art: The Garden Landscape and Decorative Painting in Eighteenth-Century French Pavillons de Plaisance” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Contogouris, Ersy, “Of Marble and Flesh: The Attitudes and Representations of Emma Hamilton” (Université de Montréal, T. Porterfield)

Cox, Alison, “Images of Mourning and Melancholia in France, 1780–1830” (UNC Chapel Hill, M.Sheriff)

Cuenot, Nicole, “The Force of Flowers: Bringing the Outdoors in at Versailles” (Columbia, D. Freedberg)

Currie, Christopher, “Art, Illusion, and Social Mobility in Eighteenth-Century France: Rigaud, Largillierre and the Making of the Marquis de Gueidan” (UNC Chapel Hill, M. Sheriff)

Dunn, Lindsay, “A Revolutionary Empress: Figuring Dynastic Power and National Identity in Representations of Marie-Louise, House of Habsburg-Lorraine (1791–1847)” (UNC Chapel Hill, M. Sheriff)

Everhart, Emily, “The Power of Friendship: Madame de Pompadour, Catherine the Great, and Representations of Friendship in Eighteenth-Century Art” (Georgia, A. Luxenberg, A. Kirin)

Ferando, Christina, “Staging Canova: Sculpture, Connoisseurship, and Display, 1780–1822” (Columbia, J. Crary, A. Higonnet)

Fripp, Jessica, “Portraiture as Social Practice: The Creation, Collection, and Exchange of Portraits of Artists in Eighteenth-Century France” (Michigan, S. Siegfried)

Gamer, Meredith, “Criminal and Martyr: Art and Religion in Britain’s Early Modern Eighteenth Century” (Yale, T. Barringer)

Goldman, Victoria Sears, “‘The Most Beautiful Punchinelli in the World’: A Comprehensive Study of the Punchinello Drawings of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo” (Princeton, T. DaCosta Kaufmann)

Hanson, Katie, “A Neoclassical Conundrum: Painting Greek Mythology in France, 1780–1825” (CUNY, P. Mainardi)

Jarvis, Matthew W., “Girodet: Public Scandal, Private Desire” (UC San Diego, N. Bryson)

Jones, Jennifer, “A Discourse on Drawings: P. J. Mariette and the Graphic Arts in Early Eighteenth-Century Paris” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

LaFountain, Jason, “The Puritan Art World” (Harvard, J. Roberts)

Lahikainen, Amanda, “Unchecked Ideas: Humor and the French Revolution in Late Eighteenth-Century British Political Graphic Satire” (Brown, K. D. Kriz)

Logie, Rose, “Affect and Artifice in the Art of the Eighteenth-Century French Private Sphere” (Toronto, P. Sohm)

Ludwig, Amber, “‘She is All Nature, Yet All Art’: Portraits of Emma Hamilton” (Boston, B. Redford)

Medakovich, Molly A., “Between Friends: Representations of Female Sociability in French Genre Painting, 1770–1830” (UNC Chapel Hill, M. Sheriff)

Monteiro, Lyra, “Racializing the Ancient World: Ancestry and Identity in the Early United States” (Brown, S. Alcock)

Moon, Iris, “Charles Percier, Pierre-François-Léonard Fontaine and the French Empire Interior, ca. 1800” (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Oliver, Elizabeth, "The Aesthetics of Mercantilism: Painted, Textiles, Natural History, and the Consumption of the French Indian Exotic (1674–1757)” (Northwestern, H. Clayson)

Ralickas, Eduardo, “Naissance de l’art performatif. Images et autoréférence pragmatique dans le premier romantisme allemand” (Université de Montréal, J. Lamoureux; École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, É. Michaud)

Viggiani, Daniela, “Pietro Maria Guarienti (1678–1753): Artiste, marchand, connaisseur” (Université de Montréal, L. de Moura Sobral, A. Caleca)