Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Nineteenth-Century Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2003

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Aguirre, Mariana, “Artistic Collaboration in Fascist Italy: Ardengo Soffici and Giorgio Mo¬randi” (Brown, K. S. Champa)

Albinson, A. Cassandra, “Portraiture and Presence: Artists and Aristocrats in Nineteenth-Century Britain” (Yale, T. Barringer)

austin, nancy, “Industrialization and the Language of Art and Design” (Brown, D. Neu¬mann)

Beggs, Margo, “Harriet Hosmer (1830–1908): The ‘Sister Arts,’ Modernity and the ‘American Sculptress’” (Toronto, M. Gotlieb)

Bewley, Michele, “A Coign of Vantage: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and the Solaces of Modern London” (SUNY Binghamton, O. Vazquez)

Borum, Kathy, “The Perception of Renaissance Architectural History at the Rise of Modernism: Great Britain, 1880–1940” (MIT, M. Jarzombek, D. Friedman)

Briggs, Jo, “Visual Culture and the Boer War, 1876–1914” (Yale, T. Barringer)

Brooker, Robert E., Jr., “The Arrival of the Italo-Gothic Style in Castile during the Nineteenth Century via Manuscripts” (Brown, C. W. Zerner)

Burnham, Helen, “Manet, Fashion, and the Representation of Modernity” (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Burns, Nancy, “Studio Painting: Portraying the French Atelier in the Later Nineteenth Century” (Brown, K. S. Champa)

Cadero-Gillette, Jennifer, “Collecting Art and Constructing History: The Recovery of Medieval Panel Painting ca. 1800” (Harvard, J. Koerner)

Carlson, Elizabeth, “City of Mirrors: Spectacle and Surveillance in Nineteenth-Century Paris” (Minnesota, J. Blocker)

Childs, Adrienne, “The Black Exotic: Representing Africans in French Orientalist Art, 1850–1900” (Maryland, J. Hargrove)

Coyle, Laura, “The Still-Life Paintings of Vincent van Gogh and Their Context Area” (Princeton, J. Wilmerding)

Criss, Jennifer T., “Gender and Japonisme: Art of the Women Impressionists, 1865–1895” (Pennsylvania, S. Sidlauskas)

Crossman, Colette, “Art as Salvation: Reconsidering Religion in the Work of Edward Burne-Jones” (Maryland, W. Pressly)

Crosson, Dena, “Ignacio Zuloaga and the Problem of Spain” (Maryland, J. Hargrove)

Curtiss, Kimberly, “Points in Between: Painting Native America, 1830–1900” (Rutgers, W. Bellion)

Dandona, Jessica, “The Veil, the Fan, and the Tattoo: Ornament and Exoticism in the Art of Paul Gauguin, Jean-Léon Gérôme, and Emile Gallé” (UC Berkeley, D. Grimaldo-Grigsby)

D’Angelo, Gina, “Francis Davis Millet (1846–1912): Life and Works” (CUNY, K. Mur¬phy)

Donahue, Suzanne M., “Gauguin, Androgyny, and Utopia: The Spiritual Quest for Harmony” (Temple, T. Dolan)

Epstein, Johanna, “The Role of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art in the Formation of French Modernism, 1848–1900” (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Friedman, Julia P., “The Threshold Art of Alexei Remizov” (Brown, K. S. Champa)

Garrett, Susan, “Velázquez in the Nineteenth Century: A Historiographic Inquiry” (Brown, K. S. Champa)

Galvez, Paul, “Courbet’s Touch: The Embodiment of Experience in Nineteenth-Century French Landscape Painting” (Columbia, J. Crary)

Harkett, Daniel E., “The Consumption of History Painting in Restoration France” (Brown, K. S. Champa)

Harkness, Kristen, “In a Certain Land: Fairy Tales and Identity in Fin-de-Siècle Russian Art” (Pittsburgh, B. McCloskey)

Hendrickson, Laura, “Art Aspiring to the Condition of Music, 1850–1900: English Avant-Gardism and the Case of Wagner” (Brown, K. S. Champa)

Jones, Penny, “Figural Trees: American Artists and Forest Debate in the Nineteenth Century” (Columbia, E. Hutchinson)

Kathlaine Nyden, “Picturing the Homeland: Representations of National Identity in Nineteenth-Century Czech Painting” (Indiana, M. Facos)

Kendall, Steven, “Towards a Modern Classicism: Frederick Leighton, the French Academy, and the Anglicized Nude” (UC Santa Barbara, A. Bermingham)

Lemonedes, Heather, “Paul Gauguin’s Volpini Series” (CUNY, P. Mainardi)

Loughrey, Stacey, “Design, Empire, and Aesthetics in Britain, 1745–1851” (USC, K. Lang)

Martis, Susan, “Encounters with Rodin: The Sculptor’s Impact on American Art and Artists” (Case Western Reserve, H. Adams)

Nedd, Andrew, “Defending Russia: Russian History and Pictorial Narratives of the ‘Patriotic War,’ 1812–1912” (USC, J. Bowlt)

Oberter, Rachel, “Art as a Medium: Spiritualism, Theosophy, and the Visual Imagination in Britain, 1850–1914” (Yale, T. Barringer)

O’Neill, Morna, “Art Is Born Again: Painting as a Practice in the Work of Walter Crane, l877–l902” (Yale, T. Barringer)

O’Reilly, Hope Buccholtz, “Imagining Ireland: Victorian Pictures and Perceptions of the Irish, 1850–1895” (CUNY, J. Roos)

Pedersen, Lindsey, “Gender, Empire and ‘Indian-ness’ in Visual Representations of the Sepoy Revolt, 1857–1900” (UC Santa Barbara, A. Bermingham)

Pugliese, Ginamarie, “Gendering a Generation: Constructions of Childhood in England’s Nineteenth-Century Juvenile Periodicals” (SUNY Binghamton, O. Vazquez)

Rosenblatt, Leah, “Hide and Seek: Édouard Manet’s Portraits of Women” (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Sheehan, Tanya, “The Art of Operating: Portrait Photography as Surgery in Late Nineteenth-Century American Culture” (Brown, K. Kriz, K. S. Champa)

Smith, Sharon C., “Planned Grandeur: A Comparative Study of Urban Expansion in Early Modern Italy and Mamluk Egypt” (SUNY Binghamton, C. Burroughs)

Taylor, Jillian, “Encyclopedic Desire: Panoramic Guides to Paris, 1830–1850” (Columbia, J. Crary)

Towle, Diane, “Japonisme: Representations of Nature and Woman in the Art of Bracquemond, Degas, Cassatt, and Van Gogh, 1866–1891” (Washington University, E. C. Childs)

Unruh, Allison, “Aspiring to La Vie Galante: Reincarnations of Rococo in Second Empire France” (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Vinson, Heather, “Dance and Disjuncture: Reading (Spatial) Practices in Degas’s Images of the Ballet, 1870–1885” (Michigan, H. Lay)

Weeks, Emily, “The Reality Effect: The Art of John Frederick Lewis” (Yale, T. Barringer)

York, Karen, “American Portrait Cameo Cutting: An Alternate Apprenticeship in Relief Sculpture, 1830–1870” (Indiana, M. Facos)

Yoshida, Atsushi, “Modern Eremites: Art and the Vocation of Withdrawal in Gilded-Age America” (Washington University, A. Miller)

Zalewski, Leanne, “The Rise and Fall of Academic Art: Bouguereau, Cabanel, Gérôme, and Meissonier in Paris and New York” (CUNY, P. Mainardi)

Zehnder, A., “Conversations with the Other: Episodes and Intersection in the Careers of Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas” (Bryn Mawr, S. Levine)