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Japanese/Korean Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2009

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Adler, Fabienne, “First, Abandon the World of Seeming Certainty: Theory and Practice of the ‘Camera-generated Image’ in 1960s Japan” (Stanford, S. Bukatman)

Hahn, Christine, “Tracing the Texture of Stone: Unearthing the Origins of Modern Korean Painting from the Archaeological Remains of the Past” (Chicago, H. Wu)

Kim, Jiyeon, “Status and Identity: Gathering Paintings and Self-Representation of Late Chosŏn Chungin” (UCLA, B. Jungmann)

Kim, Sung Lim, “From Middlemen to Center Stage: The Chungin Contribution to 19th-Century Korean Painting” (UC Berkeley, P. Berger)

Morse, Anne Nishimura, “The Invention of Tradition: The Uses of the Past in Buddhist Paintings from Nara during the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries” (Harvard, J. M. Rosenfield)

O'Leary, Thomas, “Tokyo Visions: Contemporary Japanese Photography and the Search for a Subjective Documentary” (USC, J. Reynolds)

Spurgeon, Janet Lee, “Western Aesthetics and Avant-Garde Trends in the Formation of Modern Nibonga” (Wisconsin, Madison, Q. Phillips)

Tsuchikane, Yasuko, “Dômoto Inshô (1891–1975) and Buddhist Temple Art in Twentieth-Century Japan” (Columbia, M. McCormick)

Walley, Akiko, “Constructing the ‘Dharma King’: New Religio-political Movements in the Soga Era (536–645) and the Śākyamuni Triad, Golden Hall, Hôryûji” (Harvard, Y. Lippit)