Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Critical Theory/Gender Studies/Visual Studies
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2009

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Austin, Nancy, “Towards a Genealogy of Visual Culture at the Rhode Island School of Design, 1875–1900” (Brown, D. Neumann)

Barrows, Jennifer Ann, “The Sources, Rhetoric, and Gender of the Artistic Dress” (UIUC, D. O’Brien)

Cheng, Joyce, “Masks and Puppets: Metamorphosis and Depersonalization in European Avant-Garde Art Criticism, 1915–1939” (Chicago, R. Heller)

Davos, Afroditi, “Locating the Politics of Contemporary Public Art: Towards a New Historiography” (UCLA, D. Preziosi, C. Villaseñor-Black)

Ekardt, Philipp, “‘Eher eine Rüsche am Kleid’: Time and Images in Benjamin, Warburg, Kluge” (Yale, C. Jacobs, D. Joselit)

Haughey, Patrick, “The Archive on the Hill: The Presidential Library and the Architecture of American History” (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Imeh, Imo, “Daughters of Seclusion: The Ibibio Aesthetic in the Staging of a Female Icon” (Yale, R. Thompson)

Lauritis, Beth Anne, “Lucy Lippard and the Provisional Exhibition: Intersections of Conceptual Art and Feminism, 1970–1980” (UCLA, M. Kwon)

Nielsen, Kristine, “Gestures of Iconoclasm: East Berlin's Political Monuments from the Late German Democratic Republic to Post-Unified Berlin” (Chicago, W. J. T. Mitchell)

Nolan, Linda, “Touching the Divine: Mobility, Devotion, and the Display of Religious Objects in Early Modern Rome” (USC, T. Olson)

Nygard, Travis, “Seeds of Agribusiness: Grant Wood and the Visual Culture of Grain Farming, 1862–1957” (Pittsburgh, K. Savage)

Schuld, Dawna, “Nothing to Look At: Art as Situation and Its Neuropsychological Implications” (Chicago, B. Stafford)

Tyburczy, Jennifer, “Exhibiting Sexualities: Pleasure, Power, and Performance in Museums“ (Northwestern University, J. Brody)

Wilson, Paul, “The Global Aesthetics of Nostalgia: Nation and Longing in Contemporary Art” (Minnesota, J. Blocker)

Witt, Susan, “The Gendered Language of War: Picturing the Parlor in Civil War America” (Stanford, B. Wolf)