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Chinese Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2009

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Beningson, Susan, “Shaping Sacred Space: Early Buddhist Caves and Their Interaction with Ritual Architecture and Artistic Programs of Tombs in Fifth-Century China” (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Gu, Yi, “Scientizing Vision in China: Photography, Outdoor Sketching, and the Reinvention of Landscape Perception, 1912–1949” (Brown, D. Nickel)

Hui-Chi, Lo, “Political Advancement and Religious Transcendence: The Yongzheng Emperor's (1678–1735) Deployment of Portraiture” (Stanford, R. Vinograd)

Hwang, Karen, “Legitimacy, Genealogy, and the Icon: A Study of Mogao Cave 9, Dunhuang, of the Guiyijun Period (851–1002)” (Harvard, E. Wang)

Liu, Bo, “When Paintings Speak for the Owners: Political Expressions in Song Dynasty Fan Paintings” (Michigan, M. Powers)

Lullo, Sheri, “Toiletry Case Sets across Life and Death in Early China (5th c. BCE–3rd c. CE)” (Pittsburgh, K. Linduff)

Pakhoutova, Elena, “Reproducing the Sacred Places: The Eight Great Events of the Buddha’s Life and Their Commemorative Stūpas in the Medieval Art of Tibet” (Virginia, D. Wong)

Xue, Lei, “The Elusive Crane: Memory, Metaphor, and a Stone Monument from Sixth-Century China” (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Zhu, Xiaoqing, “Pang Xunqin (1906–1985): A Chinese Avant-Garde, 1925–1945” (Maryland, College Park, J. Kuo)