Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Architectural History/Historic Preservation
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2009

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Allison, Lara, “Perception and Pedagogy: Design, Advertising, and Education in Chicago, ca.1935–1955” (Columbia, H. Ballon)

Anderson, Eric, “Beyond Historicism: Jakob von Falke and the Reform of the Viennese Interior” (Columbia, B. Bergdoll, M. McLeod)

Atkinson, Niall, “Architecture, Anxiety, and the Fluid Topographies of Renaissance Florence” (Cornell, D. M. Lasansky)

Belli, Melia, “Royal Umbrellas of Stone: Memory, Authority, and Public Identity in Rajput Funerary Architecture” (UCLA, I. Bierman-McKinney)

Costanzo, Denise, “The Lessons of Rome: Architects at the American Academy, 1947–1966” (Penn State, C. Zabel)

Dadlani, Chanchal, “‘Twilight’ in Delhi? Architecture and Aesthetics in the Late Mughal Empire” (Harvard, G. Necipoglu)

Finstein, Amy, “Lofty Visions: The Architectural Intentions and Contrary Realities of Elevated Urban Highways in America, 1900–1959” (Virginia, R. Wilson)

Haughey, Patrick, “The Archive on the Hill: The Presidential Library and the Architecture of American History” (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Holst, Nancy, “Pattern Books and the Suburbanization of Germantown, Pennsylvania, in the Mid-Nineteenth Century” (Delaware, B. Herman)

Karimi, Z. Pamela, “Transitions in Domestic Architecture and Home Culture in Twentieth-Century Iran” (MIT, N. Rabbat)

Lord, Jill, “Improving the Public: Cultural and Typological Change in Nineteenth-Century Libraries” (CUNY, K. Murphy)

Luce, Kristina, “Revolutions in Parallel: The Rise and Fall of Drawing in Architectural Design” (Michigan, M. McCullough, D. Herwitz)

McGrail, Justin, “Value Space: An Architectural Geography of New Retail Formats on Southern Vancouver Island” (University of Victoria, C. Thomas)

Milnarik, Elizabeth Ann, “The Federally Funded American Dream: Public Housing as an Engine for Social Improvement, 1933–1937” (Virginia, R. Wilson)

Moran, Brendan D., “Sociological Imagination and the City: Encounters between Architecture and Planning Education in America, 1933–1957” (Harvard, K. M. Hays)

O'Brien, John Melvin, III, “The Openwork Dome as Sacred Theater: Illumination and Illusion in the Centrally Planned Churches of Bernardo Antonio Vittone” (Cornell, C. Otto)

Pilat, Stephanie, “Reconstructing Italy: The INA-Casa Neighborhoods of the Postwar Era” (Michigan, L. Soo)

Piok Zanon, Cornelie, “The Sanctuary of Demeter at Pergamon: Architecture and Dynasty in the Early Attalid Capital” (Pittsburgh, A. Weis)

Rosenblum, Charles, “The Architecture of Henry Hornbostel: Progressive and Traditional Design in American Beaux Arts Architecture” (Virginia, R. Wilson)

Rothfarb, Edward L., “The Architecture of Raja Bir Singh Dev Bundela of Orchha (1605–1627): Continuity, Adaptation, and Invention” (UCLA, R. Brown)

Sandlin, Julianne Parse, “Religious Orders and Catholic Reform: Parisian Churches during the Reign of Louis XIII” (Florida State, R. Neuman)

Sienkewicz, Julia A., “Citizenship by Design: The Creation of Identity through Art, Architecture, and Landscape in the Early Republic” (UIUC, P. Kruty)

Smith, Sharon C., “Planned Grandeur: A Comparative Study of Urban Expansion in Early Modern Italy and Mamluk Egypt” (SUNY Binghamton, B. Abou-El-Haj)

Thompson, Sarah, “Inventing ‘Gothic’: Notre-Dame d'Etampes and the Impact of Design Process on Architectural Change in the Ile-de-France, 1120–1150” (UC Santa Barbara, C. E. Armi)

Tice, Lisa Neal, “Recreation and Retreat: Garden Casini in Late Sixteenth- and Early Seventeenth-Century Rome” (Rutgers, T. Marder)