Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Nineteenth-Century Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2002

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Anderson, Nancy A., “Observing Techniques: Images from the Microscopical Life Sciences, 1850–1895” (Michigan, C. Brusati, M. Pernick)

Anderson-Riedel, Susanne, “Creativity and Reproduction: Establishing the Graphic Arts as an Academic Discipline, The Engraving Department at the Institut de France and the Rome Prize for Engraving, 1803–1825” (UCLA, A. Boime)

Audeh, Aida, “Rodin's Gates of Hell and Dante's Divine Comedy: An Iconographic Study” (Iowa, D. Johnson)

Bland, Cynthia K., “Inspiration, Innovation, and Emotion: The Early Religious Paintings of Eugène Delacroix” (Iowa, D. Johnson)

Brown, Stephen, “Luce: The Artist Engagé” (Columbia, T. Reff)

Casey-Del Priore, Kimberly Beth, “Théodore Géricault's ‘Erotic’ Drawings Reconsidered as Exercises in Composition and Invention” (Virginia Commonwealth, E. Garberson)

Chapin Weaver, Mary, “Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and the Café-Concert: Printmaking, Publicity, and Celebrity in Fin-de-Siècle Paris” (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Costello, Robert Leo, “The Center Cannot Hold: J. M. W. Turner's Contemporary History Paintings in the Age of Revolution” (Bryn Mawr, C. Hertel)

David, Alison Matthews, “Cutting a Figure: Tailoring, Technology, and Social Identity in Nineteenth-Century Paris” (Stanford, M. Marrinan)

Getsy, David J., “Physicality and Modern Sculpture in Late-Victorian Britain” (Northwestern, W. Davis)

Gindhart, Maria, “The Art and Science of Late Nineteenth-Century Images of Human Prehistory at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris” (Pennsylvania, S. Sidlauskas)

Gliem, David E., “Pierre Bonnard: Le Nabi très Japonard” (Penn State, G. Mauner)

Gobran, Sophie, “The First Dresden Hoftheater (1835–1841), Gottfried Semper and Theater Architecture in Vormarz Germany” (Columbia, B. Bergdoll)

Hopson, Robert R., “The Symbolist Portraiture of Berthe Morisot” (Iowa, D. Johnson)

Keating, Mary O., “The Genre Interior in English Painting: From Dutch Origins to Native Solutions” (Penn State, G. Mauner)

Kihara, Elizabeth, “Alfred Stevens (1823–1906),‘La Femme Seule’: Constructions of 1906 and Modernity in French Art of the Later Nineteenth Century” (IFA/NYU, R. Lubar)

Klahr, Douglas, “The Architectural Patronage of Wilhelm II: Issues of Urban, Dynastic, and National Identity in the Work of Hofarchitekt Ernst von Ihne” (Brown, D. Neumann)

Kramer, Martin, “Immaculate Skin, Admirable Machine Body, and Representation in French Aesthetics, Science, and Art, 1850–1900” (Princeton, C. Armstrong)

Kuenzli, Katherine, “The Anti-Heroism of Modern Life: Symbolist Decoration and the Problem of Privacy in Fin-de-Siècle Modernist Painting” (UC Berkeley, T. J. Clark)

Lewis, Rael, “Intoxication and Representation: A Visual Culture of Absinthe, 1859–1915” (Stanford, M. Marrinan)

MacNamidhe, Margaret, “The Dilemma of Painting in the 1824 Salon: A New Interpretation of Eugène Delacroix's Career” (Johns Hopkins, M. Fried)

Marsteller, Nancy-Clay, “Sir Edward John Poynter and His Paintings of the Female Nude: Influences and Ideals” (Case Western Reserve, J. Neils)

Ni, Ming, “The Construction of Childhood Spaces as Represented in Victorian Art” (Louisville, J. Kloner)

Olsen, Kara, “Through the Looking Glass: Engagements with History and the Decorative Arts in Britain, 1870–1910” (UC Berkeley, M. Lovell)

Pierce, Alexandria, “Imperialist Intent—Colonial Response: The Art Collection and Cultural Milieu of Lord Strathcona in Nineteenth-Century Montreal” (McGill, T. Chang, J. Sloan)

Pinson, Stephen, “Speculating Daguerre” (Harvard, H. Zerner)

Schedler, Amanda Adams, “The Nation, the Nude, and Desire: An Account of William Etty and His Work in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries” (Bryn Mawr, D. Cast, S. Z. Levine)

Switzer, Terri, “Nationalism in Hungarian Art, c. 1860–1920” (Indiana, Bloomington, M. Facos)

Tsui, Aileen, “Nothing of Substance: James McNeill Whistler, the Viewer, and the Gentle Art of Painting” (Harvard, H. Zerner)

Whitmore, Janet, “Painting Collections and the Gilded Age Art Market: Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, 1870–1925” (Minnesota, G. Weisberg)