Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Japanese/Korean Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2002

Show completed dissertations

Carr, Kevin, “The Lives of Shtoku: Narrative Art and Ritual in Medieval Japan” (Princeton, Y. Shimizu)

Fowler, Elizabeth, “The Rookwood Sage: Kataro Shirayamadani and American Japanism, 1883–1913” (Minnesota, G. Weisberg)

Kal, Hong, “Present's Pasts: Museums, Memories, and National Identities in Postcolonial Japan and Korea” (SUNY Binghamton, J. Tagg)

Kim, Soo, “Materializing the Past: Rikyu's Tea Utensils, Portraits and Calligraphy” (UC Berkeley, G. Levine)

Lee, Soyoung, “Influence and Reception: Ceramics and Culture from Southern Korea to Western Japan” (Columbia, M. Murase)

Loh, Joseph, “When Worlds Collide: Art, Cartography, and Spatial Imagination in Early Modern Japan” (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Mack, Karen, “The Dissemination and Popularization of Fudo Imagery from the Ninth to Fourteenth Century in Japan” (Kansas, S. Fowler, M. Haufler)

Maeda, Tamaki, “Tomioka Tessai: The Paragon of Literati Painting in Imperial Japan” (University of Washington, C. Bogel)

Morrison, Louis, “Expedient Means: Large-Scale Korean Taenghua of the Choson Dynasty” (Kansas, M. Weidner)

Murai, Noriko, “Authoring the East: Okakura Kakuzo and East Asian Art in Early Twentieth-Century America” (Harvard, H. Zerner)

Roberts, Ellen, “Japanese Art and the American Aesthetic Interior, 1876–1893” (Boston, K. Morgan, P. Hills )

Sakomura, Tomoko, “Pictured Words and Codified Seasons: Transmission and Transformation of the Courtly Aesthetic in Sixteenth- to Seventeenth-Century Japan” (Columbia, M. McCormick, R. Harrist)

Sapin, Julia, “Merchandising (Art in) Meiji Japan: Liaisons between Painters and Department Stores, 1868–1912” (University of Washington, C. Bogel)

Spurgeon, Janet Lee, “Constructing the Classical Japanese Past: History Paintings of the Meiji Period” (Wisconsin, Madison, Q. Phillips)

Suzuki, Yui, “Healing Practices, Healing Faith: Yakushi Buddha Images in Heian Japan” (UCLA, D. McCallum)

Takenaka-O'Brien, Akiko, “The Aesthetics of Mass Persuasion: War and Architectural Sites in Tokyo, 1868–1945” (Yale, M. Yiengpruksawan)

Tezuka, Miwako, “Towards a Postwar Japanese Avant-Garde: The Experimental Workshop (1951–58) and the High Red Center (1963–64)” (Columbia, B. Buchloh)

Thomsen, Hans, “The Making of an Eccentric: Ito Jakuchu (1716–1800) and the Rokuonji Temple Painting Ensemble of 1759” (Princeton, Y. Shimizu)

Tseng, Alice, “Art in Place: Shaping the Imperial Museum of Japan, 1872–1909” (Harvard, C. Wendelken)

Tsuruya, Mayu, “War Campaign Record Painting: Japan's National Imagery of the ‘Holy War’ (1937–1945)” (Pittsburgh, T. Rimer)

Uradomo, Stacey, “Legacies: Family Memories, Identity, and History in Japanese American Art” (USC, R. Meyer, N. Troy)

Williams, Gratia, “Takuma Eiga and Fourteenth-Century Buddhist Painting” (Columbia, M. Murase)

Yamamoto, Sharon, “Visual Culture at Hokyoji Imperial Convent: Exploring the Meaning of ‘Women's Art’ in Early Modern Japan” (UC Berkeley, G. Levine)