Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Greek/Roman Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2002

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Black, Erin, “Center and Periphery: Artistic Interactions between the Column of Trajan in Rome, Italy, and the Tropaeum Traiani at Adamklissi, Romania” (Emory, E. Varner)

Brenningmeyer, Todd, “Post-Bronze Age Architecture at the Palace of Nestor at Pylos” (Minnesota, F. Cooper)

Busby, Kimberly, “The Temple Terracottas of Etruscan Orvieto: The Power of Cult in Pre-Rome Italy” (UIUC, E. Hostetter)

Christian, Kathleen, “The Birth of Antiquities Collections in Rome, 1450–1530” (Harvard, J. Shearman)

Corrado Goulet, Crispin, “A Study of Deity Assimilation in Sculptural Representation of Male Children from the Roman Imperial Era” (Brown, R. Winkes)

DeStaebler, Peter, “The City Wall of Aphrodisias” (IFA/NYU, C. Ratté)

Drakaki, Eleni, “Mycenean Stone Seals: Contexts and History” (IFA/NYU, G. Kopcke)

Grupico, Theresa, “Urban Planning and Temple Design at Selinus (Selinunte, Sicily): Temple E” (Rutgers, J. Kenfield)

Hardiman, Craig, “The Nature of Hellenistic Domestic Sculpture in Its Cultural and Spatial Contexts” (Ohio State, M. Fullerton)

Karoglou, Kyriaki, “Attic Votive Plaques” (Princeton, W. Childs)

Klar, Laura, “Explaining the Architecture of the Roman Theater: Origins, Canonization, and Dissemination” (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

Leduc, Joseph, “Late Roman Mosaics in Greece: Nature and Design in Pagan and Christian Art” (Brown, R. Winkes)

Lovette Guichard, Celeste, “Travels and Traversals in Hellenistic Architecture” (Columbia, R. Brilliant, N. Kampen)

Martin, Susan Rebecca, “Hellenization and the Levant: The Material Evidence as Seen through Tel Dor, Israel” (UC Berkeley, A. Stewart)

Muratov, Maya, “Coroplastic Traditions of the Bosporan Kingdom: VI Century BC–III Century AD” (IFA/NYU, G. Kopcke)

Palinkas, Jennifer, “Sacred Gates: Propyla and Propylaia in Greek Sanctuaries” (Emory, B. Wescoat)

Park, Gloria, “Building Culture: Perceptions and Responses to Early Greek Architecture, 900–600 BCE” (UNC Chapel Hill, D. Haggis)

Piok-Zanon, Cornelie, “The Queen Also Builds: Architecture, Gender, and Dynasty in Hellinistic Pergamon” (Pittsburgh, A.Weis)

Schertz, Peter, “Marsyas Contended: The Figure of Marsyas in Roman Art, Politics, and Religion” (USC, J. Pollini)

Stephenson, John, “A Social History of Late Roman Villas in Spain and Portugal” (Emory, E. Varner)

Thompson, Joanne, “Images of Vesta and the Vestal Virgins in Roman State Religion and Imperial Policy of the First and Second Centuries AD” (Yale, D. Kleiner)

Tronchin, Francesca, “The Use of Greek Visual Culture in Pompeian Houses” (Boston, F. Kleiner)

Walsh, Justin, “Domestic Assemblages from Fifth-Century Morgantina” (Virginia, M. Bell III)