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Greek/Roman Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2003

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Brenningmeyer, Todd, “Post-Bronze-Age Architecture at Ano Englianos: Architectural Commemoration of a Bronze-Age Site” (Minnesota, F. Cooper)

De Brestian, Scott, “Frontier without Borders: Romans and Natives in the Upper Ebro Valley during the Roman Period (First c. BC–Seventh c. AD)” (Missouri, Columbia, M. Rautman)

Gee, Regina Lynn, “The Vatican Necropolis: Ritual, Status, and Social Identity in the Ro¬man Chamber Tomb” (UT Austin, P. Davies, J. Clarke)

Kidd, Benton, “The Doric Revival under the Attalids of Pergamon” (Missouri, Columbia, W. Biers)

Muntasser, Nayla Kabazi, “The Late Antique Domus in Ostia: Patterns of Diversity and Transformation” (UT Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)

Neilson, Harry, “Ars Venerandi et Ars Navigandi: Technology and the Gods in Roman Navigation” (Florida State, N. de Grummond)

Roosevelt, Christopher H., “Lydian and Persian Period Settlement in Lydia” (Cornell, A. Ramage)

Shank, Elizabeth B., “The MuSIS 2007 System and Its Application to the Throne Room Fresco at Knossos” (Temple, P. Betancourt)

Stumpf, Joseph Anthony, “Tourism in Roman Greece” (Missouri, Columbia, K. W. Slane)