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Art of the Middle East/North Africa
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2002

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El Amrousi, Mohamed, “Beyond Muslim Space: Jeddah, Muscat, Aden, and Port Said” (UCLA, I. Bierman)

Farhat, May, “Islamic Piety and Dynastic Legitimacy: The Case of the Shrine of Ali al-Rida in Mashhad (10th–17th Century)” (Harvard, G. Necipoglu)

Kahil, Abdallah, “The Sultan Hasan Complex in Cairo, 1357–1364” (IFA/NYU, P. Soucek)

Wood, Barry, “The Shahnama-i Isma'il: Art and Cultural Memory in Sixteenth-Century Iran” (Harvard, G. Necipoglu)

Yoltar, Aysin, “The Role of Illustrated Manuscripts in Ottoman Luxury Book Production, 1413–1520” (IFA/NYU, P. Soucek)