Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Art of the United States
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2002

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Addonizio, Shari, “Charismatic Masters, Serious Young Men, and Angels under White Umbrellas: The Summer Art Schools at Magnolia, Shinnecock, and Provincetown” (Florida State, K. Bearor)

Atkins, Ashley, “Winslow Homer and the Aesthetic Movement” (Rutgers, M. Baigell)

Badgett, Amanda, “Gothic Revival Churches in the Antebellum South” (Columbia, B. Bergdoll)

Baxter, Adrienne, “The Metaphysical Paintings of George Inness” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Bechtel, Alison, “Infiltrating the Interior: The New York Art World and Collectors' Houses, 1860–1900” (Pennsylvania, E. Johns)

Boettcher, Graham, “Domestic Violence: Familial and Political Conflict in the Work of Emanuel Leutze” (Yale, A. Nemerov)

Burdan, Amanda C., “Américaines in Paris: The Role of Women Artists in the Formation of America's Cultural Identity, 1865–1880” (Brown, K. S. Champa)

Davis, Caitlin S., “Lee Miller: A Critical Analysis of Her Photography” (Rutgers, J. Marter)

Davis, Meredith, “Fool's Gold: American Trompe l'Oeil and the Gilded Age” (Columbia, J. Crary)

De Armendi, Nicole, “Shifting Perception: Labyrinths and the Rise of Phenomenology in American Art of the 1960s and 1970s” (Virginia Commonwealth, R. Hobbs)

Deming, Diane, “Dennis Oppenheim and the Wild West” (Delaware, B. Herman)

Dooley, Michael C., “Citizen Bird: Progressive-Era Ornithological Art and the Founding of the Bird Conservation Movement” (Iowa, J. Kinsey)

Egan, Shannon, “Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian, 1907–1930” (Johns Hopkins, B. Doherty)

Ellis, Amy, “‘Not a Mere Leaf-Painter’: Thomas Cole and the Figure” (Columbia, J. Crary, E. Hutchinson)

Ellis, James, “The Fourteenth Street School” (Case Western Reserve, H. Adams)

Empen, Cynthia Wiedemann, “Public and Exposed: The Female Body Imaged in American Visual Culture, 1848–1875” (Indiana, Bloomington, S. Burns)

Fowler, Elizabeth, “The Rookwood Sage: Kataro Shirayamadani and American Japanism, 1883–1913” (Minnesota, G. Weisberg)

Fraise, Jeanne Wienke, “Modernism and the ‘Ultra-Feminine’ Artist: Reworking Cultural Codes of Femininity in the Art of Florine Stettheimer” (Stanford, W. Corn)

Glick, Paula F., “Paul Sample: Regionalist Artist” (Columbia, J. Beck)

Gordon, Sarah A., “Philadelphians in Motion: Human Bodies in Muybridge's Animal Locomotion” (Northwestern, S. H. Clayson)

Higginbotham, Carmenita, “Saturday Night at the Savoy: Blackness and the Urban Spectacle in the Art of Reginald Marsh” (Michigan, R. Zurier)

Horiuchi, Lynn, “Dislocations and Relocations: The Built Environments of Japanese American Internment” (UC Santa Barbara, B. Robertson)

Ikegami, Hiroko, “Patterns of Spontaneity: American Art, 1954–1961 (Robert Rauschenberg, Larry Rivers, Ray Johnson, Bruce Conner)” (Yale, A. Nemerov)

Jameson, Kathleen V., “Society Matrons, Fair Maidens, Working Girls, and New Women: Gender Roles and Frances Benjamin Johnston” (Delaware, W. Homer)

Kaps, Nanni, “Similarities of Form and Concept in American and German Nineteenth-Century Landscape Painting” (Columbia, B. Novak)

Karpinskaia, Natalia, “Landscape Art and Landscape Attitudes in Russia and America” (Columbia, B. Novak)

Kelly, Sarah, “Camera's Lens and Mind's Eye: Whistler and the Science of Art” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Kilbane, Nora C., “A Tug from the Jug: Images of Drinking in American Genre Painting, 1800–1869” (Ohio State, B. Groseclose)

Kuebler-Wolf, “‘The Perfect Shadow of His Master’: Picturing Slaves in the Antebellum South” (Indiana, Bloomington, S. Burns)

Lessing, Lauren, “Captives in the Parlor: Re-viewing Ninteenth-Century American Ideal Sculptures in Their Domestic Context” (Indiana, Bloomington, S. Burns)

Mason, Paul, “The Light of Progress: Electric Light at Chicago's 1933–34 Century of Progress International Exposition: A Symbol of American Modernity” (Wisconsin, Madison, N. Menocal)

Murai, Noriko, “Authoring the East: Okakura Kakuzo and East Asian Art in Early Twentieth-Century America” (Harvard, H. Zerner)

Murphy, Kevin, “The Economics of Style: The Business Practices of American Artists and the Structure of the Market, 1850–1910” (UC Santa Barbara, B. Robertson)

Orcutt, Kimberly, “‘Revising History’: Creating a Canon of American Art at the Centennial Exhibition” (CUNY, S. Webster)

Pederson, Amy, “Der Superman, Wie in der Welt Kam Er: Superheroes and Modernism in Mid-Century America” (UCLA, C. Whiting)

Phillips, Ruth Anne, “Pre-Columbian Inspiration: Incorporating the Indigenous in United States Architecture, 1915–1930” (CUNY, E. Quiñones-Keber)

Reynolds, Rebecca, “Preserving Her Nature: An Animal and Figurative Sculpture of Anna Hyatt Huntington” (Boston, P. Hills)

Roberts, Ellen, “Japanese Art and the American Aesthetic Interior, 1876–1893” (Boston, K. Morgan, P. Hills )

Samuel, Anne, “Rethinking Vision in the American Renaissance Murals of Edwin Blashfield” (Delaware, M. Leja)

Savoie, Robert, “Profiles in Commercialism: Artistic Subjectivity in American History Painting, 1770–1805” (Stanford, B. Wolf)

Shapiro, Emily, “Machine Crafted: Images of the Artisan in American Genre Painting, 1877–1908” (Stanford, W. Corn)

Sheehan, Tanya, “Performances and Procedures: The Surgical Operating Theatre and the Photographic Body in American Visual Culture, 1860–1890” (Brown, K. Kriz, K. S. Champa)

Siddons, Louise, “Working in Reproduction: Print Media and the Maternal Ideal in the United States, 1915–1940” (Stanford, W. Corn)

Sivard, Susan, “The Volcano in European and American Art, 1770–1865” (Columbia, B. Novak)

Snook, Sarah, “The Development of the American Art Market in Antebellum New York” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Solon, Deborah, “The Life and Work of Alson Skinner Clark” (CUNY, K. Murphy)

Streb, Jennifer L., “Minna Citron: A Feminist Critique of an Artist's Satirical Realism in the 1930s” (Penn State, S. Rich)

Uradomo, Stacey, “Legacies: Family Memories, Identity, and History in Japanese American Art” (USC, R. Meyer, N. Troy)

Van Arragon, Elizabeth J., “The Photo League: Views of Urban Experience in the 1930s and 1940s” (Iowa, C. Adcock)

Vincenti, Marissa, “Our Spiritual Strivings: Gurdjieffian Philosophy, Spiritualism, and Politics in the Art of Aaron Douglas” (Duke, R. Powell)

Walker, Lanitra, “Pictures that Satisfy: Modernist Discourses and the Politics of Race, Gender, and Nation in the Art of Irena Stern (1894–1966)” (Duke, R. Powell)

Willis, Carol, “Futuricity: American Visionary Urbanism in the 1920s” (Columbia, B. Bergdoll)

Wolfskill, Phoebe, “Popular Culture and the Construction of Identity in the Urban Scene Paintings of Archibald Motley, Jr., and Reginald Marsh” (UIUC, J. Fineberg)

York, Karen, “American Portrait Cameo Cutting: An Alternate Apprenticeship in Relief Sculpture, 1830–1870” (Indiana, Bloomington, M. Facos)

Zugay, Brian C. R., “The ‘New Era’ in Church Building: Progressive Strategies for Ecclesiastical Architecture in Early Twentieth-Century America” (Brown, D. Neumann)