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Performance Studies
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2006

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Aldana, Erin Denise, "Urban Interventions: 3Nós3 and the City of São Paolo, 1979–82" (UT Austin, J. Barnitz, A. Reynolds)

Gilbertson, Leanne, "Out of Place in Time: Women Performing Art in Warhol's Factory and Judson Memorial Church" (Rochester, D. Crimp)

Held, Robin, "Lynn Hershman Is Not Roberta Breitmore; Roberta Breitmore Is Not Lynn Hershman: A Catalogue Raisonné" (University of Washington, P. Failing)

Kuo, Michelle, "To Avoid the Waste of a Cultural Revolution: Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.), 1966–1979" (Harvard, Y-A. Bois, B. Buchloh)

Lamuniere, Michelle, "The Social Museum at Harvard: Francis Greenwood Peabody and Early Twentieth-Century Social Reform Photography in Context" (Boston, K. Sichel)

Lima, Benjamin, "Wolf Vostell's Décollage and the Forms of Destruction, 1958–72" (Yale, D. Joselit)

Rice, Kolya, "Restructuring the Triad: The Artist, the Word and the Audience in Early Performance Art" (University of Washington)

Richter, Marianne, "Merged Identities: The Transformation of the Artist's Persona, 1960–1980" (UIC, P. Hales, H. Higgins)

Schuld, Dawna, "Nothing to Look At: Art as Situation and Its Neuropsychological Implications" (Chicago, B. Stafford)

Skurvidaite, Sandra, "States of Self: Carolee Schneemann's Works, 1962–1974" (SUNY Stony Brook, D. Kuspit)

Trotman, Christopher, "Performance, Ritual, and Multimedia in 1970s Body Art" (CUNY, A. Chave)