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African Art (sub-Saharan)
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2008

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Becker, Natasha, “Local vs. Global: The Johannesburg Bienniales and the Production of Contemporary Art in a Post-Apartheid South Africa” (SUNY Binghamton, A. D’Souza)

Bridges, Nichole, “Contact, Commentary, and Commodity: 19th-Century Ivory Tusk Sculptures from the Loango Coast, Congo” (Wisconsin, Madison, H. Drewal)

Collier, Delinda, “Art in a State of Emergency: Producing the Angolan Nationalist Present, Figuring the Chokwe Past, 1975–2007” (Emory, S. Kasfir)

Gagliardi, Susan Elizabeth, “Crossing Borders, Pushing Boundaries: Senufo Arts and History on a Cultural ‘Frontier’” (UCLA, S. Nelson, Z. S. Strother)

Gbadegesin, Olubukola, “Modern Image-Making in Nigeria from 1890–1945” (Emory, S. Kasfir)

Gerschultz, Jessica, “Weaving the National Identity: The Tapestries of Safia Farhat, 1967–1978” (Emory, S. Kasfir)

Homann, Lisa Aries, “Loghe: A Modern Muslim Masquerade in Southwestern Burkina Faso” (UCLA, S. Nelson, Z. S. Strother)

Imeh, Imo, "Daughters of Seclusion: The Ibibio Aesthetic in the Staging of a Female Icon" (Yale, R. Thompson)

Johnson, Kitty, "Matatu Art in Nairobi, Kenya: Aesthetic Strategies in Action" (Indiana, Bloomington, P. McNaughton)

Kart, Susan, "Fetish, Figure, Frame: Sokari Douglas Camp, Moustapha Dimé, and Renée Stout on the ‘African’ Body in Art” (Columbia, E. Hutchinson, B. Lawal)

Martin, Mary R., “Legal and Ethical Issues in African Art” (Iowa, C. Roy)

Muhammed, Baqie B., "Contemporary East African Artists: The Fusion and Hybridization of Global and National Discourses in Modern Art in the Diaspora" (Indiana, Bloomington, P. McNaughton)

Ola, Abayomi, “Critical Lines: The Parodies of Power in Yoruba Art” (Iowa, C. Roy)

Richter, Petra, “Tu Tumbao–Iconography of the Rumba Complex: AfroCuban Expressive Culture and Embodied Philosophy” (Yale, R. Thompson)

Ross, Emma, "Aesthetic Experience and Expression: Representation of Dan Women in the Cote d'Ivoire” (Yale, R. Thompson)

Scruggs, Dalila, “'The Love of Liberty Has Brought Us Here': The American Colonization Society and the Imaging of African-American Settlers in Liberia, West Africa" (Harvard, S. Blier)

Snoddy, Danielle M., "Charting the Emergence of Identity Narratives in Post-Apartheid South African Art: Protectionist Sensibilities, Internationalization, and the Johannesburg Biennales" (Iowa, C. Roy)

Walker, Harriet, “Transformations in West African Visual Culture through the Lens of Photography” (CUNY, G. Batchen)