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Nineteenth-Century Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2006

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Allan, Scott, "Gustave Moreau and the Decadence of French History Painting" (Princeton, C. Armstrong)

Anderson, Catherine, "Embodiments of Empire: Figuring Race in Late Victorian Painting" (Brown University, K. D. Kriz)

Atkinson, Elaine M., "Fantasy, Memory and Spirituality in Visual Culture in Britain, 1850–1910" (Queen's, Kingston, J. Helland)

Barker, Sean, "A Positive Aberrance: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's Disreputable Women" (Kansas, M. Kessler)

Barrett, Ross, "Rendering Violence: Riots, Strikes, and Upheaval in Nineteenth-Century American Art and Visual Culture" (Boston, P. Hills)

Bear, Jordan, "Matters of Conviction: Early Photography and the Contest of Credulity in Britain" (Columbia, J. Crary, A. Higonnet)

Beauchemin, Anne, "L'image cubiste. Du tableau comme univers singulier: une étude de l'autonomie esthétique et de la construction du sens" (McGill, T. Chang)

Becker, Colleen, "Pictures and Wholes: Representations of the 'Volk' in German Visual Culture, 1890–1900" (Columbia, A. Higonnet)

Beggs, Margo, "Harriet Hosmer (1830–1908): Fame, Photography, and the American Sculptress" (Toronto, M. Gotlieb, M. Cheetham, E. Legge)

Bilbo, Rebecca, "The Art Academy of Cincinnati: A Social, Cultural and Institutional History" (Indiana, Bloomington, S. Burns)

Blankenship, Ethan, "Paris, Mexico: Désiré Charnay's Photographic Spaces" (Columbia, J. Crary)

Boston, Leah, "Political Vision: Art and Revolution in the Salons of Les XX (1884–1893)" (Northwestern, S. Eisenman)

Bouchard, Anne-Marie, "Figurer la société mourante. Cultures esthétiques et idéologiques de la propagande anarchiste illustrée en France, 1880–1914" (Université de Montréal, T. Porterfield)

Boyd, Jane E., "The Mapping of Modernity: Impressionist Landscapes, Engineering, and Transportation Imagery in Nineteenth-Century France" (Delaware, N. Athanassoglou-Kallmyer)

Bradley, Noelle Paulson, "Human/Animal: Anthropomorphic Animals in Paint and Print, ca. 1790–1850" (Washington U., E. Childs)

Briggs, Jo, "Art, Protest, and Failure in Fin-de-Siècle Europe" (Yale, T. Barringer)

Buckner, Cindy, "The Etching Revival in Late Nineteenth-Century America and Its Role in Aesthetic Education" (CUNY, S. Webster)

Buhler, Doyle L., "Capturing the Game: The Artist-Sportsman and Animal Conservation in Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Hunting Imagery" (Iowa, J. Kinsey)

Cadero-Gillette, Jennifer, "Collecting Art and Constructing History: The Recovery of Medieval Panel Painting Circa 1800" (Harvard, J. Koerner)

Campbell, Kristin E., "Taste and Nation: Spaces of Viewing in Britain, 1770–1895" (Queen's, Kingston, J. Brooke, J. Helland)

Cole, Susanna, "Space out of Time: Landscape and Modernity in Nineteenth-Century England" (Columbia, J. Crary)

Cooke, Victoria, "Shifting Patterns of Representations: French Orientalist Painting, 1828–1881" (Delaware, N. Athanassoglou-Kallmyer)

Coyle, Laura, "The Still-Life Paintings of Vincent van Gogh and Their Context" (Princeton, J. Wilmerding)

Dasch, Rowena Houghton, "'Now Exhibiting': Charles Bird King's Picture Gallery, Fashioning Taste and Nation 1824–1861" (UT Austin, S. Rather)

De Young, Justine, "Women in Black: Fashion, Modernity, and Modernism in Paris, 1860–1890" (Northwestern, S. H. Clayson)

Desgagnés, Alexis, "Que faire? Émancipation et lutte des classes dans l'iconographie révolutionnaire russe, 1861–1905" (Université de Montréal, T. Porterfield)

Deusner, Melody, "A Network of Associations: Aesthetic Painting and Its Patrons, 1870–1914" (Delaware, N. Athanassoglou-Kallmyer)

Drozdek, Jenni, "A Taste for Paris: The Modernist Dialogue between France and 'Young Poland,' 1890–1914 (Case Western Reserve, A. Helmreich)

Elliott, Katherine L., "Constructing National Identity: Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Representations of First Contacts" (Iowa, J. Kinsey)

Emmer, Janalee, "Reflections of the Self: Women Artists in Nineteenth-Century France" (Penn State, N. Locke)

Epstein, Johanna, "The Role of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art in the Formation of French Modernism 1848–1900" (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Ferando, Christina, "Staging Neoclassicism" (Columbia, J. Crary, A. Higonnet)

Foa, Michelle, "Rethinking the Oeuvre: Georges Seurat's Figure Paintings, Landscapes, and Drawings" (Princeton, C. Armstrong)

Galvez, Paul, "The Landscape-as-Body in Modernist Painting" (Columbia, J. Crary)

Glesmann, Amanda, "The Artistic House: Photographing Domestic Space in Late Nineteenth-Century America" (Stanford, B. Wolf)

Goodin, Alexis, "British Artists and the Representation of Egypt, 1838–1902" (Brown University, K. D. Kriz)

Halkin, Talya, "Jacques Joseph Tissot, A Reassessment: 1860–1895" (Columbia, J. Crary)

Harkness, Kristen, "Designing Russianness: Empire, Nation and Gender in Fin-de-Siècle Russian Art" (Pittsburgh, B. McCloskey)

Hendrickson, Laura, "Against Photography: Art and the Idea of Music in England" (Brown University, K. D. Kriz)

Hornstein, Katie, "Picturing War in France, 1815–1856" (Michigan, H. Lay)

Howie, Elizabeth, "The Courtly Erotics of the Photograph: Photography and the 19th-Century Theorization of Courtly Love" (UNC Chapel Hill, C. Mavor)

Huemer, Christian, "The Rise of the Modern Art Dealer in Nineteenth-Century Paris: On the Political Economy of Symbolic Goods" (CUNY, P. Mainardi)

Hyde, Kimberley, "Louis C. Tiffany and the Business of Art" (Case Western Reserve, H. Adams)

Hylton, Jennifer Sherlock, "The Seurat Effect" (UT Austin, R. Shiff)

Jensen, Heather, "Musing the Material: Women, Aesthetics, and Art Criticism in Napoleonic France" (Kansas, M. Kessler)

Jensen, Kirsten M., "The 'American Salon': Cultural Ambition, American Art and the Inter-State Industrial Expositions in Chicago, 1859–1893" (CUNY, S. Webster)

Johnson, Kristina, "The Orientalism of Théodore Chassériau" (Delaware, N. Athanassoglou-Kallmyer)

Katz, Roberta Gray, "Mediated by Text: The Literary Paintings of Thomas Cole" (UIC, D. Sokol)

Kendall, Steven, "Classicism and Modernity: Frederic Leighton and the English Nude" (UC Santa Barbara, A. Bermingham)

Kokkonen, Lars, "John Martin (1789–1854) and the Mechanics of Making Art in a Commercial Nation" (CUNY, P. Mainardi)

Korkow, Cory, "Queenship and the Construction of National Identity in Nineteenth-Century British Visual Culture" (Virginia, C. Johns)

Kraus, Heidi E., "David and Architecture" (Iowa, D. Johnson)

Kully, Deborah, "Speculating on Architecture: Morality, the New Real Estate, and the Bourgeois Apartment Industry in Late Nineteenth-Century France" (MIT, E. Naginski)

Lackman, Jonathan, "Invective in French Art Criticism: 1840–1881" (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Leader, Karen, "L'esthétique du rire: Caricature of the Paris Art World in the Nineteenth Century (1830–1900)" (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Lee, Jung-Sil, "The Intersection of Nationalism and Religion in the Public Sculpture of Auguste Rodin" (Maryland, J. Hargrove)

Le Gall, Shalini, "Evangelical Imperialism: Holman Hunt and Religious Painting in the Middle East" (Northwestern, S. Eisenman)

Leichtnam, Christopher, "The Lyric in Painting" (Michigan, H. Lay)

Lippert, Sarah, "Theory, Practice, and Competition in the Visual Arts: The Fortunes of the Paragone in French and British Nineteenth-Century Art" (Penn State, B. Curran)

Loechle, Anne M., "Ye Intruders Beware: Masculinity, Vicarious Adventure and Fantastical Pirates in the Golden Age of Illustration and Beyond" (Indiana, Bloomington, S. Burns)

Lord, Jill, "Improving the Public: Cultural and Typological Change in Nineteenth-Century Libraries" (CUNY, K. Murphy)

Lubowski, Alicia, "Humboldt and the Visual Representtion of South America" (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Macnayr, Linda C., "Politics and Gender in Portraits of Princess Charlotte of Belgium, Vicereine of Lombardy-Venetia and Empress of Mexico" (Queen's, Kingston, J. Helland)

Martin, Elizabeth, "Contested Real Estate: Irish Landscape Painting, 1830–1890" (CUNY, J. Roos)

McCann, Carmen, "Status Viatoris: A New Spectacularization of Death in French Paintings and Prints from the Bourbon Restoration" (Penn State, N. Locke)

Mednick, Thor, "'What Is Lost Without': Art and Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century Denmark" (Indiana, Bloomington, M. Facos)

Meiers, Sarah H., "William Morris's Green Dining Room: The Experience of an Arts-and-Crafts Interior" (Queen's, Kingston, J. Helland)

Morehead, Allison, "Creative Pathologies: French Experimental Psychology and Symbolist Avant-Gardes, 1889–1900" (Chicago, M. Ward)

Necol, Jane, "Matisse and His Books: Transcending Limits" (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Oberter, Rachel, "Spiritualism and the Visual Imagination in Victorian Britain" (Yale, T. Barringer)

Osayimwese, Itohan, "Colonialism at the Center: German Colonial Architecture and the Reform Movement, 1884–1914" (Michigan, W. Glover)

Pedersen, Lindsey, "Gender, Empire and 'Indian-ness' in Visual Representations of the Sepoy Revolt, 1857–1900" (UC Santa Barbara, A. Bermingham)

Plotek, Ariel, "Allegory in the Age of Realism: Monumental Sculpture in France from 1848–1880" (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Preston, Dickson, "J. M. W. Turner's Southern Coast and England and Wales Print Series" (U. of Washington, S. Casteras)

Pugliese, Ginamarie, "Gendering a Generation: Constructions of Childhood in Englands' Nineteenth-Century Juvenile Periodicals" (SUNY Binghamton, O. Vazquez)

Quideau, Florence, "Sculpted Portraiture and Caricature in the July Monarchy (1830–1848): David d'Angers, Dantan-Jeune, Daumier and Préault" (Rutgers, S. Sidlauskas)

Raab, Jennifer, "Frederic Church and the Culture of Detail: Memory, Forgetting, and Landscape in Nineteenth-Century America" (Yale, A. Nemerov)

Rahmlow, Kurt E., "Anterior Decorators: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Avant-Garde Environments at Arles and Le Pouldu" (Iowa, D. Johnson)

Rilke, Christina, "The Consumption of Fine Arts in Germany, 1848–1889: Private Collections and Public Institutions" (Columbia, A. Higonnet)

Rosenblatt, Leah, "Hide and Seek: Édouard Manet's Portraits of Women" (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)Z

Ross, Susan, "The Career of Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson and the Prehistory of Romanticism in France" (Johns Hopkins, M. Fried)

Rossner, Rachel, "Balkanist Painting: Imagining Montenegro in Nineteenth-Century Europe" (Chicago, M. Ward)

Rudy, Elizabeth, "Pierre-Paul Prud'hon (1758–1823) and the Problem of Allegory" (Harvard, H. Zerner)

Samu, Margaret, "The Female Nude in Nineteenth-Century Russian Art: Reception and Transformation of a French Theme" (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Scanlon, Patricia S., "'God-gifted girls': Women Illustrators, Gender, Class and Commerce in American Visual Culture, 1885–1925" (Indiana, Bloomington, S. Burns)

Schneider, Erika, "Starving for Recognition: The Representation of the Struggling Artist in America, 1810–1865" (Temple, G. Silk)

Sicherman, Dara, "Book Illustration in Fin-de-Siècle France" (CUNY, J. Roos)

Stein, Nathaniel, "London in the Viewer: British Stereoscopy and Urban Embodiments, 1830–1880" (Brown University, K. D. Kriz)

Stelmackowich, Cindy, "The Languages of a Bodily Interior: Nineteenth-Century Anatomical Atlases in the Spaces of Art, Science and the Museum" (SUNY Binghamton, J. Tagg)

Stephens, Rachel E., "Renoir and the Rococo Revival" (Iowa, D. Johnson)

Stewart, Lee, "Likeness and Identity: Painted and Photographic Portraiture in France 1830–1880" (Columbia, R. Brilliant)

Straussman-Pflanzer, Eve, "Felsine pittrici: The Women Artists of Early Modern Bologna" (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)

Suchanek, Isabel, "'The Innocent Eye': Odilon Redon's Late Work in Color" (Pennsylvania, C. Poggi)

Thimmesch, Debra, "Women and Social Deviance in Late Nineteenth-Century French Visual Culture" (Kansas, M. Kessler)

Thrush, Nanette, "Tilting at History: Gothic Revival Tournaments in Early Victorian Great Britain and the Antebellum American South" (Indiana, Bloomington, S. Burns)

Towle, Diane, "Spaces of Japonisme: Home, Studio, and Garden and the Art of Whistler, Van Gogh, and Monet" (Washington U., E. Childs)

Vendelin, Carmen, "Androgyny and Gender Ambiguity in the Parisian Journals Le Chat noir and Le Courrier français ca. 1882–1895" (Rutgers, S. Sidlauskas)

Vinson, Heather, "Dance and Disjuncture: Reading (Spatial) Practices in Degas's Classroom Images and the Garnier Palace, 1871–1885" (Michigan, H. Lay)

Vinz, Katherine, "The Social Imagination of a Painter of the Mind: Antoine Wiertz (1806–1865)" (Kansas, S. Goddard)

Wheeler, Katherine Jean, "The Perception of Renaissance Architectural History at the Rise of Modernism: Great Britain, 1880–1940" (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Witt, Susan Powell, "The Gendered Language of War: Visual Rhetoric and Cultural Power in Civil War America" (Stanford, B. Wolf)

Wolk, Andrea, "A Material Empire: Art as Secular Ministry in the Work of Edward Burne-Jones" (Yale, T. Barringer)

Zalewski, Leanne, "The Rise and Fall of Academic Art: Bouguereau, Cabanel, Gérôme, and Meissonier in Paris and New York" (CUNY, P. Mainardi)

Zundo, Mary Elizabeth, "Mapping Destiny: Cartography and Nineteenth-Century American Art of the Frontier" (UIUC, D. O'Brien)

Zuther, Simone, "Franz Xaver Winterhalter and the Business of Portraying Women in Second Empire Paris" (Virginia Commonwealth, E. Garberson)